The nicest day…then poof

In the garden this morning


I had the nicest day yesterday at work. We spent a good deal of the day outside in the shade with a nice breeze blowing to keep us cool in the 85 degree heat. We worked on a jigsaw puzzle and talked.

I heard the story of how my “friends” met..To protect their privacy I won’t go into detail but it started with a Navy man way back in the middle 1940’s, a barn dance, a “pretty brown haired girl” and a car ride home…It ended with our time that day making a puzzle and liking the homemade iced tea with Strawberry juice in it…

Once home I cooked our dinner, spent some time with Daisy and Dick in the barn and watching the chickens, then settled into bed for the night…

Then POOF…It happened! Dick mentioned to me- K, don’t forget to stop at the Motor Vehicle Department before Friday to renew your driver’s License…

Oh’ no- instant panic! You see this Friday will be my 45th birthday, now how on earth did that happen? My driving license will also expire on that day. I started thinking oh’ no I hope I can pass the eye exam! Not to long ago I bought myself a pair “reading glasses” so I could see to read. The text in my text book is jut a wee bit small to spend a few hours reading it for me. Other things I have no problems with. I know I should make an eye appointment and will as soon as things settle down a bit.

I can remember thinking 4 years ago as I read the letters in the light-up view finder, no wonder so many have trouble with this part of the test. My eyes were good then and I had a hard time even seeing anything in there never mind a row of letters….The woman who worked there agreed the machine was not all that good.

So this is what I will do today when Daisy, Mark and I go to town to run errands, and a bit of shopping.

The day promises to be beautiful, sunny and very warm. I already finished up mopping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms this morning so my schedule is pretty much clear just to goof off a bit. Maybe a stop at the ice cream stand too. The stand I like makes all their own ice cream and I have talked to the owner about their ingredients and was pleased to find out there are no preservatives in it. They also employ the local high school kids to work their over the summer and even help make the ice cream. My favorite is the Strawberry Cheesecake. We don’t stop often, maybe 4-5 times over the summer, just for a treat you know.

Just a reminder—-I still have a few of the Ball Canning jar coupons if anyone is interested.


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  1. Don’t be too worried about your vision for your visit to the DMV. They will be testing your distance vision for driving, not your near vision. That little problem you have with reading is called presbyopia and it happens to everyone sometime after 40. It’s usually a bit of a shock because it’s the first sign that we aren’t getting any younger. You will likely pass the driver’s test just fine, because it only affects what you see up close.

    I would like to encourage you to make an appointment for an eye exam sometime soon, though, to rule out any other problems. Good luck!

  2. Happy early Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day. Don’t worry about the test. You are going to do just fine.

  3. What a cute story…it starts out like a fun book…I want to read more about how your friends met. 🙂

    I loved how you stated you out “watching the chickens”. I am a proud momma of seven 3 month old chicks! They are our first and I cannot wait until they start laying. However I am starting to second guess that one may be Hal not Holly. We LOVE to watch them. They are soothing, funny, cute.

    I really enjoy your blog. The photos you take of your flowers are simply beautiful! How you stay organized to get all that you do completed is inspiring. May I get there someday soon.

    If you have any more coupons for the Ball jars, I would love some. Looking forward to canning again this year.

    Have a very Happy Birthday! Wish I was 45 again. Oh well, 51 but I sure don’t feel like it.

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