Still time to be silly! Daisy says... Mumma do ya' want a raspberry?

The tomatoes:

  • Brandywine
  • Pink Brandywine
  • Yellow Brandywine
  • Roma
  • Kellogg’s Breakfast

Finally made it into the garden after several weeks of unsuccessful attempts. First it rained to hard, then it was too hot, then I couldn’t find the time. Well Miss. Daisy and I got most of them in this morning first thing. The rest mostly Roma will go up in the tomato patch we used last year by the barn. Son #1 has agreed to start the tiller for me and get the area ready. Whew! Not much to look at and I hope they make it. They have been in tiny pots for so long and they are so small. I had the same thing happen last year and they grew just fine.

Something is nibbling on the cabbage. I looked and looked but found nothing so I must suspect slugs. Daisy sprinkled crushed egg shells around them in a good thick layer for me. Let’s see how that works.

Still drying the Red Clover and this will continue all summer as time allows. The chickens will so much appreciate it come winter. This time of year everything is growing so fast I am running out of room for drying, both in the barn and on the racks. I need to get a few more racks built but that will go on the bottom of the to-do-list. Dick at this point and myself included have put the list away for a bit. We are just trying to maintain at this point. He is cutting fields on the weekends and works all week.

I am home only 2 days a week now, but am loving my part time job. The couple I care for are just so sweet! I wander all over their farm and find plenty to do there. The farm is new so there is so much going on and it’s fun for me to see the changes made every morning when I arrive for the day. A very comfortable environment for me and so much like my own home with the way things are run and the general attitude.

These buds are fully open now and smell so nice

For the first time in several years our wild rugosa roses are flowering and putting on quite a show. Usually just as they get ready to flower it rains and balls them all up. So today’s gathering included a large pot of rose petals that I will use to make a bit of rose oil. I think I will infuse them in Jojoba or Sunflower oil. Both seemed to hold the scent better than the olive oil.

 I have been wanting to use rose oil for another batch of rose soap. Rose oil is definitely a seasonal thing lately. The last batch was last summer and it did not stick around long either in the Farm Store or in our soap dishes. It will be a nice treat.

Also some rose vinegar and a batch of rose sugar are on my list of fun things to preserve. The rose sugar is a wonderful coating on fresh butter cookies!  I make it the exact same way as vanilla sugar only use rose petals of course. If you look on the side bar you will find the recipe for vanilla sugar. Rose vinegar is also easy to make. I use good cider vinegar and let the fresh rose petals infuse in that for a week or so then strain and enjoy on salads.

At sunset, the colors change and it's a new treat to see

Both are projects I can take to work with me tomorrow. Not only will I be getting a bit of my own simple pleasures done I will have some help by the woman I care for. She seems to really enjoy these kinds of activities I think she did many of the same things when she was much younger but she isn’t able to express it to me, yet she jumps right in and KNOWS what I am doing and does her own without much help from me.

Hope all is going well for you, leave me a few links so I can check out your projects….Pretty please 🙂 I don’t have the time to find the good stuff on my own lately! 🙂

…..I still have a couple of the Ball Canning Jar Coupons if anyone was wondering…..Send me your address and I’ll get one right out to you. LizzyLaneFarm (dot) NH (at) Gmail (dot) com.


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