America The Story of US

A quick hello to let you know all is well. I’m busy working and studying in between projects. One project for Daisy this summer is to learn a bit of history. We watched this great show a few weeks ago and in my travels around the net I found this:

A Free copy of the series: America The Story of US. I ordered ours today and the offer is open to any home schooler. Hurry though the offer ends July 1, 2010 You can also watch it on line if you want to.

If the offer come through it will be a good tool to watch several times over the summer when she wants to watch TV. I’m sure most of you know by now her TV watching is very limited and she must “earn time” to watch a few select shows. She earns her time 1/2 hour of TV for every 4 books she reads with me, 1/2 hour at the end of each week if she has 6 or more drawings or writing practice pages up on the fridge. I know not a lot of work on her end but for her age it is working and she reaches her goal at the end of each week. At the moment her favorite show is a cartoon called Max and Ruby. A show about a bunny family, I think it has good messages about being responsible and working together as a family.

Oh’ my project tomorrow is to harvest more red clover, oxeye daisies and rose petals. I am going to make rose water with the petals by distilling them in my canner.

Have a great day!



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