The Swing of Summer

a lazy summer day


After a couple of weeks of me feeling in a constant daze and confusion from lack of sleep and a schedule overflowing I am getting into the swing of things…I think.

School has been a bit overwhelming with the huge amount of reading I have been assigned to complete then testing every week on the subjects the week before. There are only 2 more weekends of this and I can move on to the clinical part of the program and spend some time out on the nursing floor with the residents. That will suite me much better than hour after hour of talking and reading…

My first test was much easier than I had anticipated it to be and I received 100% on it.

The garden continues to grow and I hope to get the tomato patch tilled over today and planted. The tomatoes are finally large enough to put into the ground. I’m a bit behind the other gardens in the area for the tomatoes but ahead since we have been eating lettuce, radish, spinach and now sugar peas for quite awhile now.

I also plan on getting the grass mowed today. It is so tall after all the rain last week. That will be an afternoon/evening project so this morning I will move the hay currently in the barn out, pull up the pallets and give the area a good sweep to get ready for the new hay we will be putting in there over the weekend. Well I should say Dick, Son #1 & #2 will be doing that, I will be at school. It’s okay though it evens out I will do my part today and they will do theirs later.

They loved the lobster

I have to take the time to get the solar panel hooked up and get the electric fence up and running around the chicken coop. There must be a coyote family moved into the neighborhood because I saw a large one cross the back field last night. I do not want them in the coop after the chickens. Speaking of them they are growing well and as you can see still very white and not the brown they would be if they were the Golden Comet I was told they were when I bought them. As you can also see they are not all pullets (hens) either! There are 2 roosters and they are starting to get very agressive. Our rooster last year was never this agressive as these two are already at such a young age.

I did notice their cheeks are getting brighter and that is a good sign they will start laying soon.

Very white pullets


In a few short weeks the green beans will be ready to put up, they aren’t flowering yet but they will. This brings me to my next excitement. I have several coupons for Ball or Kerr canning jars. They are for $1.50 of a case and variety and expire 7/3/10. I am not going to use them all and would like to share them.

The first 15 to leave a comment on this post and then send me an email with your postal address I will get 1 coupon right out in the mail to you so you can share my excitement of new canning jars too…and the anticipation to the start of canning season. Well the start of mine any way. 🙂 

 LizzyLaneFarm.NH (at) Gmail (dot) com.

I’m off to move hay and my little helper has her boots on to join in on the fun.


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  1. Canning jars at a discount!??! Yea baby, count me in!

  2. Love reading your blog. Got started reading it about a month ago, and have gone all the way back. Love your ideas, and reading about your days.
    I would love to have a coupon. Will be doing tons of canning this year.
    -Edited to remove address-

  3. I have enjoyed you blog for over a year now. Your thoughts and ideas are similar to mine, with the exception that I have a healthy fear of horses! I grew up Mennonite and horses were not so much pets but workers. Their power and cleaver mindedness makes me wary of them.Congrats on your first test mark. By the looks of your text book………………..oh boy, hard work! I have found electric fencing does not keep the wild dogs and wolves out. Dearest made a large outdoor coop last year but I am wanting to convince him to make a triangular one we cam move around. I could put the chickens out with the dairy cattle and not have to worry about wild dogs. I’m Canadian and the coupons are worthless to me, but this is wonderful that you are offering them to people.

    Blessings Marlyn

  4. I love your blog so much!!!!! I’am learning so much! I would appreciate a coupon! Thank you. -Edited to remove address-

  5. I really enjoy reading your blog. I don’t miss any of your posts. Your herb post was very inspiring and i wish I had the knowledge you have about all the herbs you have on your property. I also would love to make salvesl
    I would love a coupon for jars if you have any left. I am planning on doing much more canning this year and have only just begun for this year – 7 pints pickled asparagus and 15 1/2 pints of low sugar strawberry jam so far. We have had such wet and cool weather that the garden isn’t growing too well yet.
    BTW, I was honored to receive some of your daisy seeds and they are planted and jsut starting to grow.

  6. Hi Terri,

    I’m so glad the dasies are starting to grow. I need to transplant the ones I have to thin them out a bit. I will do it in the fall once they are done flowering. I’m more than happy to send the coupon to you. I’ll go look for your address now.

    Your canning is coming along nicely, I just love strawberry jam!

  7. Where did you find a coupon for canning jars!?! I live in Southeast TN and you would think they would put a coupon out in our area too. I know loads of people who can and would use this coupon. Thanks for thinking of us canners and sharing this great stash!

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