Rain-Rain- Please Stay!

It turned out to be a wonderful rainy day. A very light drizzle with a few down pours, chilly and a bit of wind. We desperately need all the rain we can get. With the ground so dry this drizzle will sink in nicely and not just run off into the brooks to the lakes.

I did manage a few minutes in the garden pulling weeds, to me the weeds pull easier when its raining for some reason. I had a chance to get a good look at things and decide what to do next in the garden. A lovely quiet few minutes.

Then I was cold and wet so after a quick change started my baking. My helper and I decided on brownies and the blueberry buckle. The bread and ice cream we just didn’t have time for, they will wait for another day. They turned out nicely and were tasty after dinner this evening. Son #1 surprized us by bringing home a few lobsters and steamers for dinner. Not that I was looking forward to sea food because I can’t eat them, so Daisy and I had baked mac and cheese and were just as happy with out dinner as everyone else.

I sliced into the lavender and Calendula soap cake I made the other day and was quite pleased with the way it turned out. I am going to save this one for a craft fair I have coming up in Aug. sorry this one will not hit the blog or Etsy. I want to use it as a center piece on an antique cake plate for the sale. Of course that day if any one wants a slice I will cut the rest of it then.

I just love the mint green with the pale yellow and of course the calendula on top with a bit of white for icing and in the soap. I had tried to layer the soap so it would look like white icing in the middle but it seems to have mixed in more than I wanted it to, but you can still see some of it….I’ll have to try a different approach next time. That’s part of the fun in creating these is you never know how your idea will turn out for several days.

I have an idea for next time to use a thin layer of baking cocoa or cinnamon as a middle layer, but I’m not sure if the layers will stay together or not or if the cocoa will mix into the soap before it has a chance set a bit. A good experiment I think. Has anyone tried this with any luck or do you have any pointers for me?

The smell is very faint this time and quite nice.

My neighbor saw my post this morning about the dish soap and the coupons and dropped off 12 or so more coupons for me to use to send more soap to the food pantry. Thank you, Marge it was so thoughtful of you to think of me. We had a nice cup of tea and we took a quick walk to the garden with the shovel so she could bring home some foxglove she has been wanting. So, I was wet and cold again, but well worth the effort to make a small part of her day happy.

I promise there are coupons and not just receipts in the basket. How do you like the basket? It’s a Longaberger I picked up a few years ago when we took a bus trip to Yankee Candle when Longaberger was there for a visit. I also got to make my own basket and it was very fun to spend the day with my sister looking at baskets. It makes a perfect container for my few coupons and makes me smile every time I use it to think of the day spent with my sister doing girl things…

I only have 3 sections for coupons and rebate checks:

  • Groceries-all things to eat
  • Supplies-non food items
  • This store-coupons to use at check out– so I don’t lose them

and the front section is for receipts until I can record them in my price book and 3 envelopes in the back to hold coupons I know will match up with a sale at the stores I plan on shopping in. I bet some have a better system but this works for me.

I managed a bit of reading and will finish more this evening after Daisy heads to bed. She is in the tub now scrubbing off a bit of mud/sand castle building, I think she has more sand in her hair that ended up in the castle she made for her Puppa.

Now for a nice cup of fresh mint tea and I’m off to tuck Daisy in and grab my book…


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  1. The soap looks good enough to eat.

  2. I have given you an award! Check out my post.

    Have a wonderful NH kind of day!!! Donna

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