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He like homemade cottage cheese, Mummy!


The weekend and this week have flown right by and so many things around here have been left undone. I’m in my basic survival mode of keeping everyone fed & clean. My studies and new job are top priority.

Yesterday I was feeling like so many of my normal activities were being neglected so I decided to bring the sale flyers and my basket of coupons with me to work and spend some time thinking about stocking up our supplies. The woman I work with and I had a great time cutting out coupons and looking at the flyers. She used to coupon shop years ago and this activity pleased her very much and I learned a thing or two.

CVS is having a sale on Dawn Dish Soap (.97) and I had coupons for .50 off. I knew those would all head to the Masonic Hall for our Public Breakfast I volunteer for once each month and some would be left in the drop off box for our local food pantry.  I ended up with enough coupons for 15 bottles. It also is good that Dawn is donating part of their sales to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. (that’s all I am going to say about that it upsets me in so many ways) . CVS also has paper towels on sale. I know the Masons and food pantry can use so I used coupons for those too. The better part is if you spend $25.  you can get a free package of bathroom paper. Also in their clearance were tubes of toothpaste (.49) and I picked up all they had of those for the food pantry as well, 22 in total.

I also stopped at Walgreens Drug Store because with their sale (use their store coupon in the sale flyer-the coupon makes each bottle .99 with a limit of 3) and the coupons  ( 1.00 off 1) printed on line & from the coupons in the Sunday paper, Bayer Aspirin is free. I picked up 6 bottles and got a rain check for 6 more. That will give me time to find more coupons. Oh’ BenGay is on sale and with the $5.00 off coupons I could get two of those for free (you will be able to print 2 coupons), those will go to the food pantry, we don’t use BenGay here.

Other than those things there isn’t much I use here at the house but the activity did help me feel better. I won’t add food to our house we don’t eat just because it is free or nearly free, most but not all coupons are foods we do not eat. There are some great coupons for organic foods lately if you look around.  It is worth the time effort to do that kind of coupon shopping when I know I can donate the items. Our food pantrys love prepackaged, processed foods…Mostly because the people who are given the food either lack the knowledge or means to prepare fresh foods. A very sad but true fact.

Did you see the coupon for Ball canning jars in the sunday paper? If not, check on line you might be able to buy the coupons for a few cents each, ebay or coupon clipper would be a good place to start. I will send my son to work to pick these up for me, he gets an employee discount where he works. That makes me happy, I ♥ CANNING JARS!

I spent some time with the woman I care for sorting clothes she doesn’t fit into any more. I have a huge box to drop off at the Goodwill and a good size box of shirts & pants that are linen, I will keep those for my sewing projects. They will be easy to take apart to save the lace and cut into squares for a future project or two. I think I will use some of it to make cloth napkins for them, the lace would be pretty and it will be a good project for me to work on with her. I might have to borrow a portable sewing machine, mine is way to heavy to lug around and I don’t think the treadle machine will fit easily in my car. I will also need to bring my iron and sewing supplies I haven’t seen any there.

Daisy says...Um, I think food goes in there, not little kittens!

Today it’s misting rain– it’s good and bad for my plans. It’s good I don’t need to lug water to the garden today but I can’t pick the wild herbs I wanted to hang to dry. The red clover is in full bloom. I set old screens up on saw horses to dry the blossoms. and hang upside down the dasiys up in the barn where it is warm, dark and dry.  I love the clover blossoms for tea and the ox eye daisys make a good healing salve for unbroken skin, it also works well to stop the itchies… The monarda and cat nip also needs a trim of their leaves for tea.

This rain also means I will put off the laundry today, but it’s cool and a good day for some baked goods. Brownies, wheat bread and a Blueberry Buckle sound good, and a bit of homemade ice cream would be a good activity to keep Miss. Daisy busy this afternoon so I can spend some time studying for this weekend’s class.

I had to make a compromise with the amount of time I have for home routines and to keep this as stress free as I can. Keeping up with some routines is adding stress with the limited amount of time.  I have gone to store-bought bread to fill in the shortage of home-baked breads until things calm down a bit. I also switched to store milk as the farm is on the other side of town from my travels lately so no fresh milk for a while. Our yogurt, cottage cheese are also on the list to be switched over to store-bought, partly because I don’t have the fresh milk and partly because I don’t have the extra time. In itself cheese making takes very little time but these small chunks of time would be better used doing other things I don’t have as much time for, say….picking up the never ending dishes around here or weeding the garden.

Daisy says...look he is taking a cat nap, I'll let him use my sleepie blanket...

It’s hard sometimes to see the fact there are only so many hours in a day and that things need adjusting from time to time. It does me no good to say up late to bake bread when I am tired the next day and I can’t give the day 100%. While all these things are important to me some are more important from time to time. So I have bought organic bread & milk to feed my family this week, it’s not the end of the world to switch back and forth from my homemaking goals.

Perhaps I will bring to work with me my ingredients and pans to bake bread there. It seems so far I have the perfect job! It’s only two and a half days a week, I love the two I care for, and the family I work for are so much like my family it’s very weird! The family lives a very simple life, run a farm much like ours, the “son” who is a young adult is much like my own son, they both act, talk and think much the same way and he has a brain injury just as my own son does. The wife loves to cook, ride horses, make soap, garden and raise animals, we get to talking and the time flys by. Now to start a compost there! I find myself bringing home compost material because I can’t make myself toss it into the trash.

Out of habit I washed and put away some glass jars, the husband spied them and thought it very cool, could he have them to store stuff in? Of course I said, there are a few more under the cupboard if you want them. His reply was he wondered why the other LNA didn’t take the time to wash out good containers…I smile at this man’s thinking.

He & his son are very quick students when it comes to knowing what time I cook breakfast and lunch, in fact they always shows up about 2 minutes before the plates are set on the table. 🙂 And when it comes time to visit their pantry I think I have died and gone to heaven! Their’s is the size of a medium room and filled floor to ceiling with glass jars and storage containers full of everything you could imagine. There are 2 chest freezers in there as well and, get this, cooled storage for root vegetables. They are large appliances that look like a fridge but have only drawers that slide out. It makes cooking so much fun! There is another small room off the pantry room that is nothing but cooking/baking pots and pans to fit her commercial sized ovens and stove top. I enjoy starting their dinner just before I leave for the day so it only takes a few minutes for the wife to finish up the cooking. From what the family reports back to me the team effort has produced some wonderful meals for them.

I’m off to do my own baking now and calm Miss. Daisy down…she is trying to give the kitten a ride on the broom and the kitten isn’t liking it so much… yet doesn’t run and hide either. They make good friends.


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  1. What a wonderful post. You seem to be quite content with your new found work. I find you to be an inspiration on days I’m not quite with it. SO wonderful to get such good deals on items with coupons. It isn’t the same up here in Canada. I tend to shop generic to save money. Hear you on the pantry stock up.I am blessed to have a large cold cellar but by mid-may it was beginning to look bare. Two stores had Dollar Days a week ago, and the pantry is coming alive again. Soon the garden will get us through till fall.


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