Hmmm…School or Soap

Well tomorrow morning bright and early at 7am I will be starting my first day of classes. That means I will need to be up at 4 to get the animals clean and fed, myself ready to go and the drive. I have 8 chapters to read in my text book and complete 8 chapters in a work book. I need to hem my pants I need for class and organize my back pack.

Those pants are going to take some getting used to for me. I am a jeans kind of girl and any of the scrub pants I find are so darned baggy and saggy, I just hate them. Not to mention they have to be white. WHITE! ya’ right white and I get along just lovely for about 2 minutes tops! I will be fun to say the least, not to mention they are see through and I hate see through clothes.

So my dear friends what am I doing today? Well making soap of course, what else should I be doing ? 🙂

Yesterday I rebatched some castile baby soap I have been meaning to get done for a baby shower the first of next week. I had to do it last night so it would have a couple of days to cure and dry a bit.

I added some nice organic jojoba oil infused with Calendula. The nice thing about rebatching soap is that with this method I am able to add delicate oils and fragrances that would be destroyed in the heat of the soap making process. I didn’t add any fragrance because it is for a new wee one and I want it to be mild. Castile soap is an ideal soap for new sensitive skin.

Since the mess was still partly in the sink this morning, it was after 11pm and way past my bed time when I got finished. So I left them. I got the brilliant idea to make another soap cake with lavender and Calendula infused oils. This one will be ready to unmold when I get back from school tomorrow and then cure for a few weeks.

One of the hard parts is waiting to see how these turn out. They take a bit of time to harden completely before cutting them to cure. I have a craft show to attend in a month or so and wanted a full unsliced cake for a center display. I will cut a single slice and place it on top so the center can be seen. But for the most part the anticipation will last much longer than a few days.

I’m off now to finish cleaning up the kitchen and start some of that reading I need to get done. Time management is not a strong point of me today…Have a wonderful day.


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  1. White scrub pants seem kinda silly to me as well – so easy to get marks on them, let alone the see through and laundry issues. At the hospital in my Folks’ town the nursing staff’s uniform has navy trousers or long shorts (finish just above the knee) for all staff , female or male. Theatre scrubs are mid blue or green.

    Sending care and the very best wishes for your studies, yourself and youe family,

    Michelle and Zebbycat “downunder” in New Zealand, xxx and purrrrumbles

  2. Good luck with your class! Just an FYI on the white scrubs and the see-though-ness: if you wear nude or beige undergarments, the clothing will not be see-through. I have a few white skirts and tops that I love but felt uncomfortable wearing for a long time because you could always see the outline of white undergarments (or worse, the actual colors of “pretty” pieces). Then I learned about the nude/beige tip and it is a life saver!

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