Little girls need their Mummys…

Wild flowers Puppa & Daisy picked for my first day " home from work"

Last week I started part-time working some respite/hospice care for an older couple in their home. This left “poor Daisy” to be pick-up from school on 2 days by her Puppa. Daisy loves her Puppa and finds it a special treat when he picks her up. They even stopped for ice cream on the way home and had a good look at the “b-booses”…(caboose) parked in a small train yard on the way to her school. What a special time for the two of them to share.

For some reason Daisy has it in her little head no matter how I try to explain it to her, that because I am not home on those days I have left her and am not coming home. That “Mummys are always home to take care of their little girls, mummies work at home.” She matter-of=-factly told my girl friend this on the phone…”Mummy has a new job and she forgot to come home, to care for me, I am only a little girl and Puppa did not make my bread and butter sandwich the right way. He doesn’t pat it together right.”

This is a puzzle for me and I hope she changes her mind about it pretty darn soon because those words pull at my heart. She helps me pack her lunch for school, she knows she goes to school and comes home. She helps me pack her Puppa’s lunch that he goes to work and comes back. The same is true for her Daddy. I must be special because I am the “mummy”. I guess Mummys don’t get to pack a lunch go to work then come home like everyone else.

It’s just a time of new changes for her she doesn’t seem to like the sound of. It is my secret wish that every little one thought to be true from a young age that Mummys stay home to do their work. Now to convince her that Mummies CAN spend a few hours from home and take care of the little girls. 🙂 Or at least I’m going to give it a try. Last time I worked outside our home the boys were teenagers and they were some-what happy to have a few hours alone at the house….

A stroll around the garden and these photos got me to thinking about it again. Brand new beginnings from something you have always cared for… in this case bush beans saved from last year’s garden & little Daisy learning life brings changes some times…. Its good to see a bit of green starting in the garden.


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  1. I have the same problem with Little B. I go dancing one night a week and he acts as if I’ve left forever. Invariably he wakes during the night on that night and says “Mummy you came back”…no amount of “mummies always come back” seems to help.

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