Oh beets and carrots

They are giving me a hard time this year. For the life of me I can’t get them to sprout and this is the 3rd time I have seeded the bed! Just found a tip on line to cover the rows with moist cardboard. I will give that a try. Never had such a problem before. Add lettuce and peppers to that list as well.

Our potatoes have started to send up green leaves and the first crop of radish have been wonderful to eat but are almost gone now. The second will be ready soon but again the 3rd has not sprouted yet and I need to reseed.

The spinach planted early is oh so tasty we have been eating it in fresh salad with the lettuce greens from Daisy’s garden, I keep cutting off the tops to keep it from going to seed.

The cabbage is growing very fast while the broccoli limps along.

This week flew right by. I took a trip to town to pick up my soap from a friend who is closing her shop. The economy just will not support her business these days. She is a seamstress and I guess no one is having clothing altered. From what I thought was a sad time ended up being very happy for me. She mentioned to me a customer who was looking for someone to stay with their elderly parents during the day. I called, went over to meet them and spent 2 days with them this week. So there you have it, out of the blue after months of looking and worry I have a part time job! HA who knew. The couple are very sweet and the days flew by.

We attended Daisy’s Preschool Graduation. A funny concept for me, she will be back there next year with the same students and the same teachers. It was a good time, the class sang a few songs for us and we enjoyed a “home cooked dinner”. (at least that is what our invitation promised)

There was a young girl giving her mother a hard time about not eating and the mother said to her, the night was not about the food so she didn’t have to eat it if she didn’t want to. That statement stayed with me all evening and how true it was and what a wonderful way to avoid an argument in a room full of people. I must admit the choices on my plate left much to be desired and Daisy didn’t eat her’s either. I never knew noodles and red sauce could be so bad…The tossed salad was badly wilted and the frosting covered Twinkies with gum drops on top left dessert off our plates. Remember me ranting earlier in the year about the so-called healthy food the school served our children? Another fine example was served to us this evening.

We were home early enough for us to have cold chicken salad from a baked chicken earlier in the week on home made bread and a small cup of sherbert for dessert.

And even better news is that my LNA class is starting next weekend. That has been put off for so long I can’t believe it’s finally going to start. I delayed it three times to do emergency respite care, one class was cancelled because there were not enough students I guess the fourth time is the charm. My darling husband snuck my grandmother’s wrist watch from my jewelry box and had a new battery put in it and gave it back to me.

So this summer looks to bring me working part time and going to school. It will be fun to see how that all works out along with everything else going on here. I’m tired just thinking about it but so excited at the same time.

How are things going for you?


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  1. What is an LNA course?
    I have found that jobs find you, you can never find them. So this is tremendous good news for you. I am having problems with cucumbers this year. Every year it is something different. I too have planted yet again in high hopes things will turn out.


  2. Wow! It sounds like you will be keeping busy this summer.

    Enjoy the rain – we’ve needed it desperately!

  3. Calamity Jane

    hey, re: your seeds germination… is the seed leftover from last year? i used to always keep seed for years and never had a problem. until one year. most of my seed did not germinate and more surprising to me, those that did grew in a weirdly miniature way, very slowly and super small. i did some research and found out that while seed CAN last years, it has to be kept very dry. we lived in a damp climate at the time, and i’m sure some kind of moldy thing had gotten the seed. it was so devestating, because we had such a short season, that setback meant none of certain crops that year. so i try to share my experience whenever i can.
    if seed is old, do a germination test, prior to planting time, by putting seed on a cookie sheet between two wet tea towels. keep towels damp until seed sprouts. if most of the seeds sprout, you’re ok. if less than say, 2/3 sprout, throw it all away, even the ones that sprouted could be “challenged”
    if your seed was fresh, i have no ideas 😉
    good luck!

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