Yesterday was a cold and rainy day here. What started out as a quick trip for an appointment first thing in the morning turned into an all day outing of running errands. I had plans on getting a few things done here and weeding the flower beds was one of them, see how the day turned out I wouldn’t have done that any way.

Mark (son #1) and I had a great day out talking and making plans as we went about our day. We were sitting at a stop light with a car in front of us and the second it turned green the car behind me started beeping and waving like a mad man. Mark said geesh guess he is in a hurry and that simple comment got me to noticing how much of a hurry everyone was really in. Me I was happy to sit there for a second or two while the young girl finished up her text message or what ever was distracting her, but not the one behind us!

We went into the health food store after more Calendula. There is a small station set up there where the glass jars are all lined up, a scale, plastic bags and twist ties to bag and weigh your own herbs and spices. This is what I was doing when a woman came over and pushed her way right in to get her own. Remember I said it was a small station and no room for two to stand there and get the job done. Excuse me she said but I am in a rush and have to get out of here. No problem I said and stepped aside, I’m in no hurry so take your time. She just looked at me with a strange look on her face.

She left to the other end of the store, I finished up what I wanted to do and went to the check out counter. It seems the girl there was new and didn’t know the pricing off the top of her head so I told her what it was. She didn’t believe me and went to check for herself.  Sorry she said I have to check this I’ll be right back. I told her no hurry. Another woman came up to stand in line and kept sighing, looking at her watch and asked me where all the help was. I told her she would be right back, she went to check on a price. The woman looked at the clock on the wall. The girl came back and apologized for taking so long. I again told her I’m in no hurry it’s okay.

I left the store and a man just about knocked me down trying to push his way through the same door I was walking out of. I looked at his surprized  face because he didn’t even see me standing there, with my eye brows raised and he said, sorry I’m in a wicked hurry. I stepped back to let him through and told him, that’s okay, I have plenty of time.

This is how the day out went, rush, rush, rush! I was happy to get back home and was okay that the garden didn’t get done, there is always time another day for that. One of the very things I love about my way of life is some things may be pressing to get done, maybe to beat the winter coming but day to day there is plenty of time for slowing down, paying attention to what the task is and actually enjoying my day.

We had a quiet dinner and spend some time at the table talking about the day and joking. It was a typical night with all present and accounted for. We sat there for two hours and no one cared about the time.

After supper my niece called me and I haven’t talked to her in a few weeks. She was talking so fast I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. That’s nothing new so many young people these days talk like that. I always tell them slow down, speak english so I can understand you, and that is what I told her. Sorry Auntie she said and took a second and our conversation continued on. She told me she has been hanging out with friends down in Nashua (A bigish city). That explains it I said, come on home for a visit we will cook dinner and catch up sounds like you need to empty your schedule for a day or so. She agreed and promised to be here over the weekend.

I sent you a text about it yesterday, did you get it? Well honey, yes, I got something but it sure was NOT anything I could understand is your phone broke and not working right? I was teasing her I knew it was that short hand text language the kids use these days. It’s faster to type and speeds up the conversation you know!

So she knew it too, that she had become rushed and caught up in the rush of today’s society. Recognized it was making her crazy and wanted a good dose of time with us. Oh the clocks here move like all the rest but the day is set by the rise and fall of the sun and what ever fits into that time is what the schedule for the day is. The sun will be back tomorrow so we can continue on.

My text message to her and you this morning is a simple:


C U Soon!

And that means living our life, I will see you soon.


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  1. Ah, if only the rest of the world would join us in measuring time by seasons & cycles and living in the moment, instead of minutes & seconds between here and there…

    Enjoy the sunshine – we’re supposed to get instant summer today!

  2. I always get the strangest looks when I tell people to go ahead of me when they seem to be in a rush or when someone apologizes for taking to long and I say not to worry I have lots of time. It seems like a foreign concept to them that someone is not in a hurry like they are.

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