The days fly by…



It has been another beautiful and productive spring week here on the farm. I put some broccoli and cabbage seedlings into the new kitchen garden. It has also been warm enough to bring the tomato seedlings out into the warm sunshine, the bright sun and breeze did them a lot of good. Still no sign of the peppers I planted a week ago for the second time…. 


The seed mats of beets are doing well so far. I messed up and put the spacing a bit close on this one so they will need thinning soon. Think I will wait until the greens are a bit bigger so I can add them to a salad. I don’t see any signs of life from the carrot seed mats yet, I’ll give them another few days, the soil might be a bit cold for they even though they are up against the foundation of the house and that is quite a bit warmer than other areas of the garden. No harm if I need to plant them again, its quick and easy enough to do. I had a couple of questions about the seed mats that I made. There is a good tutorial here for them. I noticed that the paper napkins have almost but gone into the soil.

 I used cheap paper napkins from our local fast food place, figured out the spacing I wanted for the seeds and then with a tiny dab of white glue, glued down a seed. Then put the seed mats where I wanted them, covered them with a 1/4″ of garden soil and kept them watered.


Pansies a favorite spring and fall annual poking out from under the cat nip. I will need to move that cat nip soon but I would like to enjoy it in bloom first before moving it and putting it into shock. Our barn kitties don’t seem interested in it, and this is good so there will be plenty for tea later in the season. This is the first time I have had luck growing cat nip from seed. Last fall I had some left over and just tossed them in the bed and forgot about them until this spring when they started growing….Who knew! I always tried in pots and pampered the seedling with no luck. So I guess they like the silent treatment and to be left alone to germinate…  


This is a surprize strawberry plant already in blossom, quite a few weeks early. I’ll dig it up later in the season when I straighten the strawberry bed out. It needs the runners thinned out. I am trying a layer of whole leaves from last fall for mulch around them this year. I usually mulch them with hay but the leaves were handy and I thought what the heck.

 I found this Daisy busy building a rock city while I worked in the garden… We planted her own little garden space a couple of weeks ago and used “mystery” seeds that came in the package of her seed starting planter. So far it looks like she has leaf lettuce, sun flower and marigolds. She waters it every day when she checks on it. Tonight her Puppa got to nibble on a couple of the tiny lettuce leafs she shared with him…cute to watch the two of them eating tiny lettuce while sitting on the front steps enjoying the sun shine.


I also pulled these from the drying rack…They are tea tree and lavender with dried rose buds saves from last year’s garden. I’ll get them posted on the Farm Store blog soon, I promise. When I first got a good look at his batch the color was a nice light purple color now it has changed a bit and is grey looking. Lets see what it does over the next few weeks. 

 There was no progress made on the installation of the solar panel for the chicken coop. But there is always this weekend. Everyone was so busy doing their own thing we just didn’t get together on this project. Dick and I will need some help getting the frame and the panel up on the roof and secured down. Dick is thinking he is going to put son #1 in the bucket of the tractor and lift him and his tools up. No way are the two of them getting me even 2 inches off the ground and Dick needs to run the tractor, I don’t trust myself to do that with such precious cargo as a person even 2 inches off the ground. I KNOW it’s not the safest thing to be doing, but in this case he isn’t going all that high, and those two do it all the time…I’ll keep my eyes closed, because I don’t want to watch. It’s one of those things that needs a DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME warnings. I think it’s a guy thing.

 The chicks are doing well out in the coop. We have the heat lamp on for them each night. They have discovered that clover is very tasty and a great game of keep away can be made of them.

 I’m still not convinced they are Golden Comets, they seem to be turning white instead of golden brown and GROWING FAST. To be honest I think they are Cornish X,  lumpy, 12 week meat birds. If so that’s okay too, but we won’t have eggs again over the winter. The Delaware will be here in a few weeks. I’ll get some pictures of them next time.

 Lastly meet our new house guest! He has made himself right at home hasn’t he. Seems Mumma kitty is being blamed for having a litter of kittens in the neighbor’s garage. The neighbor brought this little guy to me but our Mumma kitty didn’t want anything to do with this little one. I don’t think it is hers, she sure doesn’t look like she has had kittens and hasn’t looked like she was going to. No matter this little one can stay! Look at that mess he and Daisy have made of my knitting basket to make a bed for the little fella’.



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