Garden update

It has taken a few day but the kitchen garden is making progress. We tore apart the small raised bed that was up on the hill and moved the lumber down into their new home.  Now to find a new home for the toys. This area was used to keep Daisy from wandering off when she was younger but now she lets herself in and out of the play area so it now has a new life of keeping the critters out of the garden.

Moving the toys out and the garden in

I am quite happy with it so far. We need to go and get a few more pieces to finish the bed that will go down the center and the bed and the one that will go along the fence where Daisy’s wagon is sitting. That will hold off until Monday. I’m not fighting with the weekend shoppers and traffic.

I have been making my own seed mats and so far I really like them. It’s easier for me to sit at the kitchen table and make the mats then quickly set them in the ground than it is to spend time bent over trying to sow them directly in the ground. I also have found I am using less seed and I do not need to thin them out later.

You will notice they are rather close together and are in off-set rows. This is a method known as intensive gardening. Meaning to plant the bed with using the minimum amount of space needed for the plants to grow well. This also reduces the amount of water loss and because they are so close it reduces the amount of weeding/mulch needed.

So far there were a couple of empty spots that didn’t germinate but I just added a single seed in the spot and they sprouted a few days later.

Radish from a seed mat

So far in the new garden are:

  • Radish
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Snow peas
  • Calendula

We will be able to plant more of these over the next several weeks before the heat hits. We will plant again in Aug.  for a fall harvest. And again to grow over the winter in the protection of a hoop house.

Still growing down cellar are:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers

The lady bugs like them too...

I pulled a few potatoes up from storage that have started to sprout. In a few days I will cut them up and let them air dry a few days before putting them in the ground. I had plans on using some 55 gallon plastic drums cut in 1/2 and bales of hay to grow potatoes in this year, but as of yet I haven’t managed to find any. I have a couple of weeks left to look so we will see how that goes. I do have one barrel but I hate to cut it because I want to move it to the kitchen garden to hold rain water in. We don’t have an outside faucet (yet, its on the list) so any watering is done by bringing water from the house to the garden. Its slow and lots of work. Last year we used the hose from the barn when the bed was up that end of the yard.

I could not resist the color of these

 I thought these pretty white spotted violets had all died over the years but look what I found growing very happy in the old pile of compost. I’m glad I ran out of time last fall and didn’t plow over that old compost pile. They have a new home in the rose bed.

Earlier in the week north of us got a foot of snow, we took a ride yesterday for no other reason than to get out for a bit… It sure does look like a nice day but the wind was blowing and it was cold. But the sun through the window felt wonderful.

and for now the new machine is in the living room until I get it cleaned up and a chance to try it out. I might just keep it there the color of the wood matches well in that room. I’m thinking it looks funny without drawers in the cabinet so I’ll look around for some.


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  1. The garden looks lovely. Could you possibley find some skinny baskets to fit in the drawer slots? That would look neat.
    Love reading your blog.
    Cheryl – Indiana

  2. The kitchen garden is looking great, Karyn. I am envious over the amount of sun you have – we struggle to receive enough sun for growing food (enormous trees – the very thing that attracted us to the property in the first place!). The seed mats look really interesting…I haven’t seen them before. What are they made from?

    And that is one fine sewing machine! Looking forward to seeing what it churns out :o)

  3. Calamity Jane

    RE: watering from the house… i think you can usually find one faucet in the house that a hose can be attached to. sometimes the kitchen one, feel up in there to see if it feels like pipe threads. that’s the easiest. otherwise, try screwing your shower head off if it comes off of a regular-ish looking pipe, or your bath faucet. i was skeptical, but when we homebirthed our last baby, the midwife said it was no big deal, most houses had a faucet that would work. (we filled a huge tub for laboring in, from the shower head pipe) it was easy, just had to buy an adapter, because the shower pipe was smaller diameter than the garden hose…..
    of course a rain barrel is preferrable, but watering from the house with a bucket must be annoying!
    good luck. i LOVE the sewing machine btw. i’ve got one of those in storage that belonged to my grandmother, but they had it converted to electric back in the day! someday when i have time, i’ll deconvert it, and have the machine of my dreams…

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