An Amazing Weekend

Saturday morning Dick and I went to  cook breakfast for the monthly public breakfast his lodge puts on every month during the summer. When we arrived back home this was waiting for us… just sitting in the driveway soaking up the sun…

I knew immediately where it came from. I am always talking to a friend of mine on how her treadle machine works and I have hoped for several years to one day have my own. For sewing and not to set on display for no one to touch.

This old girl was dropped off at the recycle center and my friend knew it would be happy at its new home here on the farm. From first inspection the machine and cabinet are in nice condition. I put the belt on and gave it a petal, the machine happily came to life. The cabinet is missing the 4 side drawers and top to cover the machine, but that doesn’t worry me I wanted a machine that works not a show piece.

A quick look on the Singer website and I discovered by the serial number that it was made in 1893. It needs a good cleaning, oiling and a new needle. This old girl should be ready to go back to work after her retirement…

Back in the day almost every home in the US had a Singer and today parts, needles & bobbins, and belts are still easy to find for these machines. I believe this one is Model #2, known as a vibrating shuttle. They could be ordered with many designs and I think I remember my friend telling me this pattern was known as Roses. Look at those forget-me-nots!

This machine has been many things to a child I suspect. Also in the drawer was an arithmetic lesson and a pile of carnival tickets…

I think Daisy has her own plans for it too…

While at the breakfast another friend came looking for me. She is in the process of moving into a smaller home and knew these beauties who needed a new home would find one here at the farm.

Look at those beauties. The measuring cups are aluminum I think. How nice and what a lovely gift…

And last but not least, yesterday we went to pick up hay and the woman there had violets, pretty purple/red in color in a container for me to bring home. I have the usual violet, white, white and purple dotted but never have I seen this color. They are happy in the garden now. Sorry I haven’t a picture for you.

I am always amazed when someone remembers a conversation I might have had with them some time back. I am amazed that the people in my life are so generous and giving. I am amazed to think that the ones in my life will go out of their way to do kind things for me…

I am blessed in so many ways and this past weekend gave me the reminder of several I had not thought of recently.


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  1. Dear All at Lizzy Lane Farm
    Wow I too know the thrill of finding such a gem myself . Mine was from my freecycle group in my home town of Plymouth England.
    The chap who fitted a new belt for me told me to clean only with a weak soloution od soapy water and a soft cloth, it came up a treat. In fact he had to condem my modern electric on saying it was more trouble than it was worth to repair and said that these hardly ever if ever go wrong. Im am so pleased that you had such a glorious weekend.
    All the best from accross the pond

  2. What amazing gifts and thoughtful friends.

  3. I love your sewing machine. I have a treadle and can not think of a nicer machine for sewing.

  4. How wonderful and exciting for you. I love your measuring cups, Ive been on the look out for a metal set myself for a long time but you have inspired me to double my efforts now.

  5. Hi,my old darling treddle came from a lady that was in her 90’s and she received it for a wedding present,i got it for $50 as she wanted to make sure it went to someone that would love her, she is all there and works wonderfully,over the years she has mended our tent and made upholstery for a car that my hubby rebuilt.You will have a friend forever with her, i was surprised to see how easy it is for parts, the only thing I would love is a puzzle box, my daughter in law got one from EBay but they are very expenive now,i will get one one day lol .When mine is not in use she holds all my little teddies that i make they spill out of the drawers etc.You enjoy her and look forward to seeing what you produce on her, I love your blog. a

  6. Hi there! I found your blog yesterday while looking for a Dandelion Jelly recipe. I am so glad I did. I think I will love it here. Looks like we have a lot in common!!

    I love the treadle too. I have my Great Aunt Lucy’s old treadle machine but it barely survived my parents house fire almost 20 years ago. The belts were burned and the machine is gummed up inside too. The beautiful wood cabinet however is gorgeous and survived the fire!!! I need to find another treadle machine for the cabinet.

    Have a great Spring Day!

  7. Hello Karyn. That is a beautiful sewing machine, and that painting of the roses and forget-me-nots! Wow. I can see you having many hours happy sewing on it. Singers were very popular in Australia too. My mum and grandma both had treadle machines.

  8. I guess you did have an amazing weekend. My mom had my grandmothers treadle sewing machine when I was little, she never used it though. I don’t know where that ever went but how I wished we still had it. I like to do wood crafts and something I saw once that I would love to have( an amish man was using it) was a scroll saw that was bicycle powered. I just loved it. I could get a workout while doing my crafts.

  9. What wonderful friends you have! My friends often leave me gifts too, although none as nice as the ones you got!

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