A Bad Day Baking

Daisy's cakes she frosted

Is better than a good day at the mall…or so that is what my girlfriend told me last night… I think she is right about that one.

Yesterday I was up bright and early to look out the window and see it snowing all over the spring flowers. I had an itch to do some baking for the week and to put a bit in the freezer for later.

1st up was a batch of chocolate cupcakes. Daisy has been teasing for some. I decided to try a new recipe called Best Ever Sheet Cake. Daisy and I had a great time making them and the recipe was true to its promise in being very moist and tasty. The down side, the recipe uses lots of bowls,  it is very crumbly and makes for very messy cupcake eating.

I’ll hold on to the recipe to give it another try, maybe it will be better as a sheet cake and to be eaten with a fork. You can find the recipe here, and here at Pioneer Woman. Then poking around I discovered that Ree does use this recipe for cupcakes. Here and here. I also found many on the net who also make cupcakes with this recipes. Maybe it was just me and my day of baking!

Next up pumpkin bread, and wouldn’t you know it I can’t find my tried and true recipe. So again I tried a new one. This recipe said to divide the batter into 3 loaf pans. Well I should have known better because it only had 2 cups of flour in it. Tasty flat bread is what I ended up with. No one seemed to mind but it’s not what I had in mind for the freezer.

3rd was a batch of chocolate chip cookies which I managed to burn every sheet except the last, so we ended up with just one dozen. They quickly disappeared with glasses of milk.

Around 2 o’clock I gave this idea of baking up and went to the cellar to sow seeds. That went much better and I even came up with a useful idea.

I was out of wooden sticks I use to label the flats with. I save popsicle sticks all year. This past year we didn’t purchase many store bought pops but made our own in reusable pop molds & juice. I remembered a HUGE bag of plastic holiday flatware that have been hanging around for nearly 10 years now. I used a pair of wire cutters to cut the spoon/fork ends off and wrote on the handles. Worked great!

Lovely heirloom tomatoes

So as of right now we have sown:

  • Broccoli (for the second time)
  • Cabbage (for the second time)
  • Heirloom tomatoes, Amish Paste, Roma, Pink Brandy Wine, Yellow Brandy Wine, Kellogg’s Breakfast
  • Peppers, Anaheim and a green variety I can’t think of the name just now…

I was very excited to find in my box of seeds last years package of Kellogg’s breakfast tomatoes. I didn’t manage to get any this year, they were all out by the time I placed my order. But to my surprize, tucked down in the bottom corner of the package I thought was empty were 2 seeds. YES! there is hope for this year. I know, I know small things make me so happy don’t they.

I didn’t start large amounts of seeds as the new kitchen garden isn’t all that large. When I figured it out two dozen or so tomato plants is all the area will fit. A few weeks ago I started making the pots from newspaper thinking that I could save myself some time and start the tomato seeds right in there and avoid the process of moving them to larger pots at needed. After some reading and thought this was not a good idea. It seems tomatoes need to have their roots disturbed a bit to encourage stronger roots. So I started them in the cell packs as always and will re-pot them as needed into larger pots until its time for them to make a final move into the garden in June.

I did start the broccoli and cabbage in the newspaper pots. We shall see how they do in those. So far the pots are holding up well to the watering. If you noticed in the picture I put a label on the outside of the paper pot but I will take it off before I put the pots in the ground.

A quick update on the Delaware chicks I ordered. A call this week from the feed store…she tells me the chicks will not be in as expected next week. They cancelled the order because it has been too cold for mailing/receiving chicks in the mail. Now the next delivery date is the END OF JUNE! errrr….chicken frustration already…. I called Ideal Poultry to see if I could order the Delaware myself and the next hatch date is the end of June just at the feed store told me.


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  1. Don’t you just get so frustrated when things don’t go according to plan! Your friend is right though, I know where I’d much rather be and it’s not the mall. I really like your plant labels, how clever – will have to remember this little trick. I am off to look up Kelloggs tomato, I don’t think we have them here. Have fun growing, Christine :0)

  2. I am having my first attempt at starting seeds this year,and so far I have only had about 6 cells that haven’t sprouted. So I guess overall we are doing well. Our garden is not going to be big ,as this is our second year,and first year doing square foot gardening. We didn’t want to be overwhelmed,and hope to have more beds next year. We are starting off with nine. Have a nice day from Middleton side of the state!!!!

  3. Think of it this way………….You would have been frustrated at the mall as well.
    You would see things you couldn’t have, or didn’t fit. Always happens!had one of those terrible cooking days as well this weekend. there are times eating out looks real good, but not an option.

  4. What happened to the chicks that they couldn’t mail? Can you purchase those, even though they’ll be a bit older? Or can they not ship older chicks?

    I hope you have much better days with your garden than you did with the baking. 🙂

    I’ve started weeding around the new house, now that we have some idea of what is there. Of course, by weeding, I mostly mean pulling trees! I was surprised at the length of root a seedling can have. I don’t know if I can cut the trees off above the root, but since they’re in the flower gardens up against the house, I’d rather not take the chance of them growing back.

  5. Hi came accross your blog from another I read and thought this might be of use to you for labels
    take an old margeine tub or the like cut it down so you hvae pieces that are flat discared the riges you cut away then cut the flat bits into strips making one end pointy and ta dah you have labels free cheep and otherwise no money, your neet idea reminded me of what an aunt of mine use to do.
    Happy planting

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