Time…who has any?

What's next?

I took some time over the weekend to visit with an old friend and catch up on quite a few projects that needed to be done around here. I even manages to finish up some new soap.  There wasn’t nearly enough time to get everything done and added to that I feel lousy still. This leaves me feeling rushed and overwhelmed with everything on my spring to do list.

This only means one thing, it’s time to close the gate and regroup thoughts and priorities to put things back in order. Everything in our life has a way of stealing time from you. It doesn’t matter if you are a new mother, work outside the home several hours a week, volunteer or work at home. There is only so much that can be done at any one time. I think the trick is to decide what is most important to you and work towards getting that goal accomplished little steps at a time.

I don’t think there is any one way to accomplish your goals but you as well as I do will know when what you are doing doesn’t feel right and isn’t working. Tired, stressed, turning in circles, to many things undone, old habits slipping back in,  lost time doing what you enjoy? Good clues.

My dear sweet friend mentioned many of the same things to me this weekend. Perhaps it’s that time of year when we have been cooped up in the house after such a long and cold winter that we have been planning so long that we pack so much into the very short summer and growing season. Gardens, animals, building projects, yard work and lets not forget some fun things like horse back riding, fishing, swimming, bike riding, cookouts and so many other choices. Add to that the baking, laundry, and other house & barn chores who has time to get it all done?

Part of the answer for me is going to be a marathon baking day of bread, rolls, muffins and toss them into the freezer to free up the daily baking time for more garden work. Maybe even some store-bought bread will make its way onto our plates? The knitting and sewing will be put up and replaced with pulling out the grill, picnic tables and screen tents, it’s time for outdoor activities.  Turn that TV off and do some yard work. Put the big stew pots up on the shelf and think about summer time quick healthy meals. Get those winter boots, jackets hats, mittens, and sweaters, washed and tucked out-of-the-way.

It’s not the end of things that maybe for a few months there isn’t time to do the baking that has been going on all winter or that the latest set of knit slippers will have to hold off a bit or that by the end of the next few months the dish cloths will have holes in them and no new to replace them. Many of us have new animals coming very soon and something will have to be replaced with the time needed to care for them. Soon I will be in school for a few weeks so lots of things will need to change to account for the many hours I won’t be here. Then change again when and if I make the decision to spend a few hours a week working in our community. This is something I am missing since our live in clients have gone, my chance to care for others. They can’t come to me so I must go to them. They are all things that will be replacing time I spend doing other things.

Soon I will have it all figured out again and I can reopen the gate to let new adventures in. That’s the great thing about it all, I can decide what is staying and what is going in my schedule. The gate can open and close when ever it needs to. It doesn’t make much scene to me to want to live a simple life if doing everything you want to do make you crazy and rushed trying to get it all done. Things need to be simple, relaxed, enjoyable and mindful.

A sneak peek into our thinking for the time being in order of priority:

  • Veggie garden in and producing (area need to be leveled and beds built)
  • Chicken safe and sound in the coop (need solar power for electric fence and lights, lights are a must if chickens will continue to lay over winter. electric fence is a must to keep the other wild/ not so wild critters out)
  • clear field for horses this year and a pig area next year. (a small section of field that will work well for housing pigs. This year we hope to purchase 1/2 a pig and let someone else care for it. We just are not ready to care for one this year but would like it to fill the freezer come fall.) Know of anyone local who is selling?
  • Shed to store tractor and mowers (leaving them out in the weather will shorten their working life)
  • fruit trees and bushes (area will need to be cleared for them. It will take 4-5 years for them to produce well but we have already put it off for several years now)

Little muslin bags for new soap and cute soap flowers to decorate them

 For now I’m waiting for the solar panel and charger to arrive to continue work on the chicken coop and run.

I’m starting the veggie seeds and waiting for the new planting beds to be finished up. For some reason the broccoli and cabbage seedling I started a couple of weeks ago have given up the ghost. I shall try again.

Trees will be cut this week to clear another section of the field and hope to fence that in later this summer for the horses. We traded with a friend who is much younger to run a chain saw than Dick is, to do the cutting for us. He is doing the cutting and taking the wood, including 2 ancient apple trees. We will clean up the tops and brush. He can use the wood at his house and the apple wood he is very excited over for his smoker. I had an arborist look at the apple trees and he thinks their productive years have passed. They are so very overgrown and neglected there isn’t much hope vs the cost to work on them and what he thinks the will produce after a few years. He said plant new. I’m happy to say he will be back to cut back another smaller one we have. That one has been kind to us and has hope left in it.

A new section to the carriage shed will be built to store the ride on mower, other yard tools and a potting bench. Then if there is time we hope to get a few fruit trees in the ground before it’s to late in the season. I’ll have to make a final decision on the varieties first. I would like apple, pear and peach. Bushes I would like blueberry & cranberry. There aren’t many choices in fruit trees that will survive our cold winters. Citrus is out of the question unless they come in for the winter.

I guess you can tell from our priorities that getting food growing back on the farm is first in our minds. We will benefit so much from accomplishing this small bit this year.

So how are things going for you in the new season?


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  1. Things were going great until it started snowing. Oh well, a couple more days and it will be all gone. Hopefully.

  2. I learned long ago not to stress about the To Do List. No matter how much I get done today, there will be plenty of things on the list for tomorrow!

    Push & Shove took a one way trip to the butcher on Sunday and will be arriving tomorrow in happy little pork packages… they are all for sale….

  3. Hi how strange to read about packing away the winter things and we are about to get them out.With winter approaching us in Australia you can already feel the morning crispness and the beautiful dew on the flowers and grasses,knowing all too well after months of complaining about the awful long hot days we will be shivering and saying we are cold!!! lol.Our bulbs are planted and popping their strong green spikes up and come spring it will be daffodils and renunculas and snowdrops and feesias galore,but first we have to get through winter.I am enjoying your blog so much I am a new visitor and dsperately trying to get the time to sit awhile to make a nice blog,i have made a very slow start lol.

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