I’m Enjoying…

So this morning a friend called to thank me for the pan of homemade rolls I dropped off yesterday. She said to me, ” Karyn they are wonderful and I’ll get your pan right back to you.” I said, “Uh’ sweetie that is your’s, you brought dessert in for Easter dinner, remember?” She laughed and told me, no it couldn’t be her’s, because her’s was all yellow and a sticky mess from so much Pam that she could never get off….

….I’m enjoying my baking soda and vinegar, for cleaning her pan good as new….

…This cute little pot for the gas grill. I’m going to try out a couple of herb butter recipes I have been wanting to try. officially it’s a birthday present for Dick but I think he will let me use it.

This little wooden tool made to pull/push the hot racks in the oven. It was given to me by a neighbor and friend who sadly isn’t with us any more. The color makes me happy and reminds me of friend’s long gone. This cute little angel my Step-Mum gave me on her last visit a couple of years ago and the juicer from a large collection of glass juicers my Mother had.

The ever growing collection of mini Haflingers sitting on the shelf…

and how bright and cheery the kitchen was this morning after a cold day of rain yesterday…

I’m off to find some fun in the flower gardens the daffies are starting to bloom and there are still a few crocus popping their bright heads up through the fall leaves…


Posted on April 10, 2010, in All About Me. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. What wonderful treasures you have. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have that exact same ‘welcome’ hanging from our front door!

  3. It’s so cute isn’t it? That was given to me last year for my birthday.

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