Last years spring garden

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful, warm, almost 70F day. After 4 days of heavy rain I could not stand to stay in the house. Well one thing led to another and I found myself planting sugar pea seeds in the planting bed even though it might be a few weeks early. I decided I needed to have more bone meal for this bed and took off to the garden center.

In my spring fever mode I forgot the farrier was due yesterday to trim the horses feet. Not a big deal he does it all the time. Brings the horses in the barn, trims them up and puts them back out and leaves the bill tacked to the stall door.

Was I ever sooooo embarrassed when I realized I the barn had not been cleaned yet for the day. Dick assumed I did it and I was thinking he was doing it when I looked and saw him up there. No he was looking for tools…So here I was last night walking to the barn to put the horses in for the night and I notice just how bad the front of the barn looks at the moment. The wind blew the door right off it’s hinges 2 days ago and we haven’t fixed it yet. Well, who wants to fix a door in the pouring rain if you don’t need to? I walk in the barn and it is a MESS! Oh my goodness, not just a little mess but a BIG mess and the farrier had to work in there! That poor guy must have been thinking to himself what the heck is going on around here?! Doors on the ground, the horses covered in mud and the barn dirty. Our barn NEVER stays dirty, it gets cleaned and swept every morning. The horses well, they have a mind of their own and love to roll in the mud and there is plenty of it at the moment.

But not yesterday morning it was SPRING and it felt like it. I got caught playing hookie (if only for a few hours)  from my barn chores. The horses were tucked in their stalls all nice and clean last night with a fresh new thick layer of saw dust on the floor to roll in.

On the bright side it’s promises to be another beautiful day here and the barn door is up on the saw horses for repairs and to be re-hung. Yes, while I was out yesterday after bone meal I also brought home a new set of hinges for the barn door. Oh’ and the baby chicks, I had to stop and play with the chicks while at the farm store, too. I pat myself on the back that no chicks came home with me, it was hard but I didn’t bring any home. That might have turned out different if they were pullets and not straight run however. NH Reds one of my favorite birds.


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  1. Good job – my willpower is always sorely tested around the little chickies!

  2. Can relate. We have such wonderful images of what a “picture book farm” should look like and it blows our mind when our own place does not look that picture. Never mind it is in the past, never to be repeated ( in the same manner, anyway) again. Isn’t it hard not to bring home the spring pleasures?

    Blessings Marlyn

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