It’s Raining

So what shall I do home today without a car seat, a sick baby that sounds like a barking seal and pouring rain outside?


How about put labels on a rainbow…These are the rainbow inspired loofah soap I have been working on the past few weeks. I will post them to the Farm Country Store shortly, I promise. You will want to stop in there because I have a surprize waiting there for you! oh’ there are other new soaps there to look at too.

  • Red: Apple Jack & Orange…smells like crisp red apples and juicy oranges
  • Orange: Bergamot & Mandarin Orange…Yummy bergamont, (think Earl Grey Tea) and juicy oranges
  • Yellow: Jamaican Me Crazy…Fruity, tropical punch
  • Green: Champagne…the fizzy bubbles in Ginger ale. (I love it)
  • Blue: Patchouli & Vanilla…need I say more?
  • Violet: Lavender…A classic

Then I could work on writing letters…

always a fun thing to do with colored chalk and an antique chalk board. The green thing is a cute little pouch I knit to hold bits of chalk and it also doubles to wipe the slate clean.

Or how about start some dinner for Dick…I know he will cold, hungry and wet when he gets home…

How does fried peppers and steak sound with garlic mashed potatoes, and for dessert fresh home made ice cream with my own peanut butter sauce? How do you like the pan? It’s a new enameled cast iron fry pan…I haven’t decided yet. I was told by the tag hanging on it when it was given to me that NO metal can be used in it…So since I don’t have plastic my only choice is wooden spoons and spatulas…Clean up also wasn’t all that easy, but a bit of baking soda and vinegar and a good long soak the pan cleaned right up. I do love the color!

Mark, Son #1 has been working on restoring his 70′ something Blazer to drive around this summer season. In that process he comes in the house full of grease and says “hey Mum, got anything to get this gunk off my hands?” Well was that a loaded question..of course I do son, try this new soap off the curing rack, it has orange essential oil and ground pumice. Citrus oils are well know to cut grease and the pumice give a good scrub. Well he loved it and promptly took several bars to store in his truck for outside washing.

Also fresh off the curing rack is a lovely batch of Gardening soap with cranberry seeds to give a gentle scrub for more sensitive ladies hands. This also has the orange essential oil and is topped with pretty dried flowers & herbs topped witha rose bud of course.

And lastly I can dream about another rainbow! These are slabs of soap rolled up. They are the same scents as the loofah soap and so much fun.

How is your day going?


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  1. I have really enjoyed reading this post Karyn, you have so many lovely goodies going into the shop now : ) Thanks for your junk food reminders too I have been slipping back in to some old bad habits with food.

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