Getting Closer to Garden Time…

Garden planning is on the list of things to do this week. I found several lists from our Ag Center to use as a guide to starting seeds then I pulled out our trusty Farmer’s almanac and checked this against the moon phases for planting. There are cabbage, broccoli and celery to be started this week and a couple of weeks from now the tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and a few others. Over the winter I checked and double checked planting dates and put together my own planting chart. There are several on line but none of them fit our planting zone so the dates are off. I’ll share that with you in a day or so, along with several good links I found I think you might like.

So it seems the season for gardening has begun. In the next few weeks there will be new raised beds to be built and filled in the new garden area. Also on my list in the next 2-3 weeks is to build a cold frame, son #1&2 will be helping me with this project.

When the snow melts from the chicken pen I have electric fencing to put up and I want to add a covered roost outside the coop. There is no rush on this the chicks won’t be here until mid April and won’t be ready for the coop until several weeks after that. I did see a sign up this weekend that our local Tractor Supply will have their chicks this week and they already have rabbits there.

All so exciting for me, it’s been a long winter around here…


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  1. I just received my seeds on Friday. I bought the potting mix today but things just keep getting in the way and I still don’t have anything planted. I keep saying there is tomorrow but I never know what tomorrow is going to throw at me. I am so looking forward to planting this year.

  2. This Saturday Tractor Supply is having a chicken swap… always fun to go see.

    I”m getting antsy to get things started around here! I’m with you, it was a long winter, but lambs on the way – any minute now! It must be Spring!

  3. I’m so happy Spring has arrived , been garden planning and working on a new raised garden bed this week too.
    We’ve missed the signs for planting potatoes so far this month , but hope to get them planted on the last 2 days of March.

    ~ Spring Blessings ~

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