It’s Been So Nice

The weather that is 🙂 I have spent any free moment outside this week. Cleaning up here and there. The small lettuce bed in front of the house is nice and warm and when I pulled back some of the mulch I put in there last fall to my surprize there are still lettuce plants I didn’t have the heart to pull out last fall. After a few days of being uncovered during the day and tucked back in at night, I have enough fresh lettuce for dinner tonight. I will keep this nice surprize in mind and be sure to plant it well with lettuce again come August. The garden beds won’t be warm enough to plant anything for another 4 weeks or so.

It was also so nice to spend some time up at the barn knocking down cob webs and dusting the shelves off and doing a general quick pick up. Even though there hasn’t been a patch of unfrozen earth in months the dust still seems to collect, guess off the hay as we move it around to feed the horses.

And Daisy has had some time to get some energy out. She has had the best time playing in her sandbox and discovering all sorts of new things to do in the yard. We dusted off her tricycle and she has been riding that through all the mud in the driveway. We now have several new sets of play clothes 🙂

Later in the week I’ll get the seedling benches set up and the rest of my newspaper pots put together. Next week I can start some of the seeds. Yeah!


Posted on March 10, 2010, in All About Me. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I couldn’t help but laugh at this post as you are cleaning out the barn where as most will be cleaning out the house. It sure feels like spring but you know……one more blast of snow will come.! In the meanwhile I think the ground could use more water before planting.

  2. I found some oregano that made it through the winter. I was really surprised and pleased!

    There are crocuses coming up in the yard and, I think, daffodils. Ah, spring!

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