Farm Fashion

I always get a chuckle out of fashion or better put my lack of fashion.  A good friend of mine always reads several of the country magazines and saves them for me to read, I then pass them on. By the time they hit the recycle bins they have been read by a dozen or so ladies. Don’t tell the subscription departments about this one…

Any way I noticed several are showing big spreads on new spring fashions for the farm life. Fancy rubber clogs with flowers on them for gardening, spring aprons, the latest jeans and button up shirts. Fancy new tote bags to take to the markets and new spring chore coats. Me, I grab what ever works and is handy, fashion, or even matching is not a consideration.

So what do you think of my latest fashion to hitch the dog out this morning? What can I say, I already had my knit slippers on so the rubber clogs would keep them dry to go outside. Who needs to bother get dressed for a quick trip, my fleece house coat will work for a few minutes… Not pretty but it works.

I have a sneaky suspicion I am not alone in this self decided farm fashion. Would anyone like to share a few shots of your farm fashions? How about a link to show them off?

Here is something I do think is pretty… It’s called Chocolate Spice, made with cocoa, cinnamon,  and orange essential oils. It’s part of the soaping spree I went on last week. I haven’t listed them on the Farm Store blog yet, but do have a couple of 5 ounce bars left if you are interested. The other purple and white swirl is pure lavender.

Today was a lovely day spent with my lovely husband. We took a ride to town down the snow and slush covered roads to pick up prescriptions and just spend some time together. We ran into several friends and had a great visit with them. Took a nice walk down the main street and around the park by the river. I nice time. After being married 9 years he still holds my hand every chance he gets.

I had put together a corn chowder in the crock pot this morning for dinner. Made from ingredients in our pantry and freezer. I guess while we were gone several hungry friends of the boys showed up to hang out with them and when we returned there were 2 single bowls of chowder in the fridge for us, the rest was gone and the dishes washed and put away…. Dick, Daisy and I had that with corn bread for dinner. Guess I should think it was good as there were no left overs, this makes me feel good.

Today brough a bit more snow and rain. Tonight I can hear the wind howling outside and I’m glad I’m in the house with a warm cup of tea. This is the first chance in a few days I have had to check in on my favorite blogs.

Tomorrow will bring the start of some de-cluttering in our bedroom closet. How we gather so many clothes when we don’t often buy new I have no idea. But it happens. I’m really thinking about how to use all those sweatshirts no one wears and make a rug  or two with them.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to a friend while trying to print those pesky round labels I would like a new printer. A printer that worked, my old one is fussy. Look what she dropped off to us! I can not believe it! This one is an ink jet, has a scanner, fax and copier, oh it prints too… I haven’t figured out where to put it just yet, it’s to large to fit in my cabinet where the old one lives. But for now this old typewriter stand will work in the corner by the kitchen table. I just love the mix of old and new. Dick doesn’t appreciate it and thinks the old stand should stay in the cellar…

This is where I do most of my computer work, right at the kitchen table. When I’m done everything gets picked up and put away in the cupboard.  Actually the kitchen table is the heart of our home. Everything from crafts, animal first-aid, eating, playing board games to sewing and just visiting with a cup of coffee is done at the table. I think our family spends 90% of our time around it when inside, to me much better than sitting on front of the tv.

How about you? Do you spend much time at the kitchen table or is another space in your home a favorite meeting place?

Hope you had as good of a day as I did.



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  1. The soap sounds yummy!! Unfortunately I do not have any extra cash this week:( Hope you still have some in about 2 weeks.

    I do not have a picture to prove it, but I wore something very similar to your footwear outside the other day (before it snowed 6 inches) My blue slippers went above my ankles, and I slipped on my pink clogs to take out the recycling and trash. I don’t really recall what other goofy clothes I was wearing, but I doubt anything was color coordinated.

    I think your little stand is quite cute.

  2. I love eclectic and I can remember typing tables like that! Great idea…I will have to watch for one myself. I like how you painted it or is that the color. 🙂 Very much enjoyed your blog.

  3. I love your fashion! Last night we took a quick run ro Tractor Supply for a fifith nipple (you were so right! pictures later!) and I looked down and realized I was wearing a sweatshirt that had a bloodstain on it! (We did rabbits over the weekend.) I’m surprised I haven’t been arrested!

    And yes, I think you are right – the kitchen table is the heart of a country home. We eat there, craft there, do paperwork, visit, vet small animals, write letters, fold laundry and a million other things!

    Stay warm – it’s windy out there!

  4. You can tell when you go into small farming towns that there are farmers around. Look at the boots and overalls. But at least we are dressed. Go into Walmart in the city and women go shopping in pyjama’s!

  5. I have given you the Sunshine Award!!!

    Have a nice day! Donna

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