celebrations, Karyn style…

Boy does time fly by for me lately. Seems only yesterday it was fall and I was looking forward to the winter, well winter hasn’t felt like winter, exactly, for me. There has been so little snow. We haven’t missed out on the cold and wind though. It started snowing overnight and continues this morning. That’s better!

This puts me in the mood to do some baking again. Baked goods have been far and few between around here lately. No real reason other than I don’t feel like it. I still manage to bake our weekly bread, rolls and even Daisy’s Birthday cake. My niece helped her decorate it. It was yummy too.

We had a nice quiet week-long celebration for her and her favorite meal of spaghetti and meat balls. The next night her dad took her out to spend time with her and a “Big Girl” dinner. I have a sneaky suspition they ended up at McDonalds, Mark LOVES that place… Friends and family stopped in all week to wish her well, and the next weekend we had a second birthday party for her and my sister and her family came over for dinner and more cake.

So I think it was a great time for her and celebrating her 4th birthday. I know I enjoyed it and it’s hard to believe she is 4 years old. Seems only a few months ago she was dropped off here and she was learning to crawl…(Insert the weepy Grandmother moment of little ones growing up…:) here)

The kitchen and drying racks are full of soap I spent all last week, the weekend and yesterday making. Pictures of those to come when I find time to take them first 🙂

I also have some wonderful smelling Black Walnut salve. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I did hand a few tins out to a friend who knows some one who has come down with ring worm from their wrestling club…Who knew! I would think athlete’s foot, or any number of other “locker room” type ailments, but ring worm this time of year?…and from wrestling? Hum….

I have been working on redesigning all the soap and lotion labels. I have been using the pre-punched round labels and pulling my hair out trying to keep them printing in the right place, with only minimum success. Very frustrating after trying all I can think of, down loaded templates, designing my own templates. I think it is that I don’t have the precise alignment control over the printers I have and I am missing the high quality equipment of my printing days… 

I am waiting for a new paper punch to arrive to try out, I’ll show that to you too, once I get a chance to play with it. I’m going to try a full un-cut sheet of label material and punch them myself. So go ahead Timothy (the printer’s name) and print every single sheet in a slightly different spot on the page, I don’t care any more… there is a new girl coming to town, riding in on the big, shiny, brown, UPS truck…and her name is paper punch….HA! (Karyn spends too much time with her computer, as you can tell)

So left on the to do list this week is get the chickens and turkeys ordered for a late March delivery. Sort out all of the seed planting “Stuff” to decide how I would like to do the seeds this year. Last year I used the small divided pots (cell trays) and didn’t like them. I’m thinking on sowing the seeds directly in larger 2″ peat pots, to see how they do in those. I’m thinking it might save me a step in transplanting them later…Any one try this or your thoughts on it? Oh’ ya’ I found a great pattern for a new cold frame and son #2 has agreed to help me build it. He will run the power tools for me.

The last thing is to find an easy and tasty chocolate pudding recipe. I have a request from Dick for some pudding with whipped cream on top…

Hope your days are going as well and as smoothly as mine have been.


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  1. Hear you on the label thing. I gave up and just used scrapbook paper and cut them out with an Olfa cutter ( sewing supplies!). Computers and printers can be so frustrating!!!

    Sounds like you have been busy. Have missed your posts. See that the longer days of day light are working on you……garden planning. Look forward to you upcoming photo’s.

  2. The cake looks delicious. Happy belated birthday to Miss Daisy.

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