A cold Winter’s Day

After almost a month with no new snow, it’s snowing. We managed to miss the last 2 big storms that hit the North East. It’s sort of warm 32 but very damp feeling. For me it’s one of those days I just feel off. Partly because I spent half the night at the Emergency Room with our client who fell and injured himself, partly because I couldn’t sleep well and partly just because I feel cold with a chill today.

I wandered over to the soap shelf and picked one of these pretty bars of salt scrub soap to take with me. This one is Cottage Rose and is one of my favorite scents, with the lilac a close second. There is a whole new batch sitting on the shelf here and they are listed in the Country Farm Store. I like the label very much, I was playing around with my paper supplies the other night and rubber stamps. Cute isn’t it?

After I’ll put on my flannel pjs and wool socks and head to the kitchen to get dinner started. I’m thinking simple burgers with scalloped potatoes and green beans tonight. For dessert we’ll finish up the birthday cake from Daisy’s birthday party we had over the weekend.


Posted on February 16, 2010, in Lizzy Lane Farm Bonanicals and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. It has been cold and wet with snow. Youngest was in shock yesterday when she saw it was snowing out and said but it is almost spring. it might have felt that way the last week with the sun shining each day but to sure didn’t feel like that yesterday and worst today. We are trying to get things completed here before spring actually does come and then we are drawn outside to garden.

    Chin up girl!

  2. Karyn,

    I love your blog. I have given you a “Sunshine Award”.

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