Iv’e gone mad, I tell you

This one just makes me laugh


Lately I feel like I spin in circles all the time and get nothing constructive done. Normally I am a very organized person and plan things out weeks if not months ahead of time. I am usually calm and can handle all the little things that pop up at the last second and hardly ruffle a feather doing it. 

The answer to that lies in my recent lack of following my schedule and over scheduling myself. I live and this house lives on routines and tight schedules. Yes they are ment to be rearranged as needed but I find myself rescheduling every thing lately, partly because I can’t say no to any one or anything and partly because there is so much new going on. 

 I had another busy weekend here with 2 clients here on respite. Unexpected guests both Saturday and Sunday, lots of good food cooked for that :). It’s time for me to regroup, reorganize and set a new schedule. It’s important to step back every so often and look at every detail in order of importance. Most importantly to let some of the stuff that has snuck in my day fall off the end of the list and be okay with it. 

So this morning I’m determined to get back on my routine and stick to it. What ever that may be… I will be working on my schedule, our client’s schedule, Daisy’s schedule, and son #1’s schedule. Trying to get them all to work together. This should be fun. 

Yes, to all who are looking and asking, the new Bergamont & Manderin Solid Lotion Bars are available. I just haven’t had time to list them yet. Also available are the Cottage Rose, Pepperberry, Blueberry, and Blackberry & Sage. They are $6.00 per tin and I am paying the shipping from now until Valentines Day. I promise to get them listed in the next day or so, but in the mean time your phone calls and emails are always welcome and I’m happy to get them in the mail for you.

Hope you have a productive day too…



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  1. Blessings Karyn
    I’m afraid sometimes unorganized becomes part of the territory. If mama ain’t working orderly nothing does. Right! Cheer up everything will be on track again soon. 😉


  2. i love schedules too. That is why I don’t like weekends – no schedule – total chaos.

    Have a good week.

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