A Beautiful Day

….and random moments of pleasure….

Cheesecake Soap

The sun is shining bright today and it’s rather deceiving. When I ventured out the care for the animals for the morning the cold went right through me and the wind is something else today.

I’m glad I took the time to shovel more snow on the flower beds, strawberries and rhubarb a few days ago. This wind and cold

with no snow is hard on them.

We have a new older gentleman staying with us for a few weeks. He is a sweetie and adds lots of laughter to the house.

I had some time to finish up some more soap…I was in the mood for cheese cake so these will do for now. They are Lavender and Rose. Turned out quite nice. I have but 2 left out of 12, they like so much of the soap I make flew out the door almost before I had time to wrap and label it.

How about cupcake style soaps, the same as the Lavender and Rose only smaller and very cute. One of these made it into the tub with Daisy and she loves is. I must admit it smells pretty darn good… and cute too boot!

Cupcakes any one?

I started working on some new knit slippers for me in a nice navy blue cotton yarn. Not a bad pattern I like it. I made a pair a few weeks ago and they ended up way to large for me using the needles the pattern called for so I am using much smaller ones this time, lets see how they turn out.

Daisy has 2 new pair of slippers I knit her and she likes them. I have plans on adding a wool cut out flower on the front for her but she took off wearing them before I got the wool cut…

Hope your day is going as well.



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  1. The cheesecake soap looks lovely. Now I want cheesecake!!

  2. These soaps look lovely. They look very Victorian and would be a prize in an old bathroom. I have knitted slipper since my children were small, then I use to make them all the time because I was too cheap to buy a pair. Perhaps I was a head of my time. Wonder if I still have those patterns?

  3. The new soaps look so beautiful, almost edible.

    Knitted socks must be so cosy over in your Winter. Even on some of the Summer days here they’d be welcomed. I must check out a pattern I came across that is so like the slippers my maternal Grandmother, my Nana, knitted for her husband, my Grandpa Jim. Both passed now (1982 and 1975) – I continue with the knitting while hunting put knitting patterns.

    Hope you all are keeping warm and cosy,

    Michelle and my Zebbycat over in New Zealand, xxxx from me and purrrrrumbles from Zeb

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