I’m thinking Blueberry and Lilacs

Shaving Soap

Valentines day is just around the corner and while I think it mostly a commercial holiday for retail sales. I still see it as a chance to do something special for my family beyond what I do every day.
I was in the mood to make some lotion bars, and I needed to restock a couple of local stores. Blueberry kept coming to my mind when thinking about a spring scent and even though around here they won’t be in season until late summer…Go figure how my mind works. Maybe I was just hungry for muffins? I added these to the Farm Store.
The batch I delivered is already gone from the stores and I need to make more this week. I also have plans to make some of the bergamot and mandarin, and some lilac. I really like these combinations.

Lilac Salt Bars

I also wished for one of my favorite flowers, spring lilacs and wanted a new salt bar for my shower. This is what I ended up with and I’m quite happy with the results. They smell wonderful and the layers of salt give the bar a nice yet soft scrub. Pretty nice on my feet.Lilac Salt Bars

Since I was in the mood I made several batches of shaving soap with some nice bentonite clay I have wanted to try. I have a batch of Chamomile scented with Bergamot and Manderin, a batch lavender and I added some of that great organic lavender I got a few days ago, and a batch of Cottage Rose with ground rose petals. 

Look at that beautiful color from the herbs and clay! I made 12 of each and as you can see several have already found new homes. I didn’t even have time to package and label them before they were scooped up.

Note from me: word press is acting funny today so this post isn’t layed out the way I wanted it, hope it still is understandable.


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  1. I have missed your posts, but see you have been busy. I really like the colouring in your lilac salt bars. I don’t make soup, one of those what to do things, but just wondering how much lilac do you use. We have tons of lilac trees here. I beginning to see where they could come in handy!

  2. They all look yummy. How do you get the lavendar to stay looking like lavendar & not like mouse droppings (can you tell I’ve had a bad experience adding lavendar to soap?)

  3. I love the shaving soaps – they’re so pretty and the colors on the lilac bars are fantastic. Even though I know that there are weeks and weeks yet before the lilacs are in bloom, we can still dream, right?! We have a huge lilac right outside the bedroom window and it is just heaven!

  4. I love the shaving soaps. They looks fantastic!!!

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