A Window Quilt

I finished up this window quilt for Daisy’s room a few weeks ago. Even though we have those fancy gas filled energy star windows in the house, the glass always seems cold to me. This quilt has helped keep the room warmer during the night and when the sun isn’t out.

I added a simple tension rod and use it to pull up the quilt to let the sun in. When it’s up it looks sort of like a balloon curtain. Next is to decide on a curtain for this room, I’m thinking a lace, but that will have to wait a bit longer.

Window quilts have been a New England tradition for many, many years. Back when the old colonial houses were built the glass was simple single thickness glass and the houses had no insulation and they were drafty. The women of the day would do anything to help keep the cold out.

This one here is simple 6 inch squares and pieces of left over fabric from another project. The backing is an old flannel sheet. I didn’t use any filling for a middle layer.

I think the pastel colors help the room be a bit more girlie. She also has a toss pillow with the same patchwork fabric.This room was for our client who LOVED the Boston Red Sox and that was the theme of the room so the bright blue worked well.

Come spring when I can open the windows I would like to repaint the room to better fit a little girl…I’m thinking sun flower golden yellow. Daisy is more of a tom boy than a princess girl so lots of pink isn’t her thing. Actually she loves the blue and would like it to say. So I will have to think on this.

So in the spring the entire room will get a make over. I call this decorating with no budget…Daisy doesn’t know it but I have started on a quilt for her bed to match the  window quilt. In the mean time she is loving her art work up on the walls. I’m thinking I will paint a section of the wall with chalkboard paint so she can draw on the wall….hope in that area only! She also tells me she would like pictures of her chickens and her horse Joby. Nope she didn’t ask for any of the characters pushed on these kids these days, so that was a good thing.  She is not crazy over the Elmo sheets on her bed, she likes the flowered ones better. All the Elmo she has were gifts from her Auntie a year or so ago.

We also recently took out the toddler bed and put up her twin size bed. She HATES it and comes to my room every nigh to cuddle up with me. She doesn’t like all the new room in her bed. I hope she will get used to it, in the mean time I have filled the bed with pillows and stuffed animals to help her feel a bit less small in the new bed.

Now to figure out how to store and keep organized all the toys. She has the drawer bins and a nice book-case would work well in this room.

I guess the decision has been made although no one has outright said it, the room has been given to Daisy and any future thought of a client just might be out of the picture, now there is no room in the inn…one could say.


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  1. We have window quilts too. On top of plastic sheeting! We also have a quilt hanging to block the small front entryway. These really help a lot. I have been lazy though and look in the Salvation Army store for quilts. Another good thing to use are quilted pillow shams.

    I do get tired of the darkness though.

  2. I don’t like the darkness either but I can open them in the day when the sun is out. If our windows were older I think I would leave them closed/down all winter.

    Pillow shams….hmmmm never thought of that! They must be pretty easy to find, no one I know uses them.

    Thanks for the tip.


  3. I have a window quilt too and lined it with a sheet but I put the rings on the back and made it into a Roman shade as it is a west window and gets lots of late day sunlight. Winter is dark enough without having shades down all the time. I too have Star Windows new a year ago in two east side bedrooms. My one daughter claims they are more drafty then the old windows with the heavy storms. Dearset just didn’t want to hull the heavy storms up and down anymore. Daisy’s room should be yellow! My vote is in. A nice sunny bright colour to match the child.


  4. I just love the window quilt. We are moving into an old farmhouse and these would be just what we need to cover our windows! I wish I had my sewing maching working and the time to make a few window quilts. We will replace all the windows eventually, but that will be next year.

  5. I vote with Daisy for keeping the blue. 🙂 I grew up with light blue bedroom walls, and now my favorite color is blue, hehe. 🙂 More importantly, though, if she likes the blue and if it doesn’t *need* to be repainted for other reasons, then why not let her keep it. 🙂 You can use the money and time spent repainting on the garden instead. 🙂

    I love the window quilt. Do you mind if I share this post with a blog community I read? People there are often asking what to do about cold apartments and the like. I’m asking first because a LOT of people read that community, and you may get a huge flood of new visitors. 🙂

  6. Hi Debbie,

    Thank you, it is still a toss up on the color. I would like it a lighter color, but Daisy has to live in there….

    Of course I don’t mind if you share this post. I hope it helps someone else….


  7. Marlyn,

    What a great idea to put the rings on the back. How do you keep the cords up and out of the way?


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