I ordered this beautiful organic Lavender from a farm in Maine if you can believe it. I love the color and it smells so nice.

I just finished up my second batch of salve with it and I like it very well. I put some up on the Farm Store Blog if anyone is interested.

I have had luck growing two varieties here and would like to add more to the gardens this year. I played around with trying to make Lavender wands this past summer, I think it will take some practice before any one gets some as gifts. The ones I made still smell very nice in my dresser and in the linen closet.

I also have some nice new Irish linen and started some embroidery to make some dryer and drawer sachet for gifts this year. I figured why not since I have the embroidery basket out and I’m working on an embroidered bread bag. I hope to have that finished soon. All I have to do is work on it, I’ve been in bed early these days so not much time to sew.

Hope your day is going well.



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  1. You must use a lot of lavender for your salve? What you have there must have cost a small fortune. Lavender does not grow well were we live. It might last through one winter but never two. Too hard a winter I believe. But just south of us by a few hours nearer lake Ontario where the winters are not so harsh is a lavender farm and she sells products like you ordered. Just fascinating what others farm.


  2. Ha, it does seem like a lot of lavender. I make at least one batch every week so it goes quickly. I also want to make a few sachets for the comming craft fairs.

    I have the same trouble with lavender here too. It doesn’t over winter well. The fall before I took the time to put wind blocks up around them and mulched very heavy. This past spring it seemed to help. Someone also told me to put them where they receive good south facing light and to protect them from the north wind….

  3. Lavender is my favorite thing in the whole world! I’ve always wanted a lavender farm. I like you’re idea of the lavender sachets for the dryer. I will have to try that.

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