I think Dalton is dreaming of Spring too…

I’ve been working on the plans for the garden and have the choices from all those seed catalogs narrowed down but still have way to many for the space I’m going to plant. I really think the small space on the front of the house will work just fine. Dick rolled his eyes at me, but I told him not to worry it will be so cute. He just said Oh’ Ya’! He didn’t say no but I could tell he wasn’t overly happy about it. He is a lawn sort of guy… He might change his tune the first time he has some fresh radishes from that garden….Come on spring, only about 3 more months to go

I’m looking around for some busy type summer squash and cucumbers. I know I have seen heritage seeds some where… I think these might work better than trying to tie them up a trellis.

Urch Hatchery emailed me back and they will have a good supply of Black Java chicks this year. They tell me they ship every 2 weeks until mid summer, so this will be good. I’m going to go the chick route vs the hatching eggs this year. And I already have decided on using Ideal for the Delaware chickens and Narragansett turkeys. I don’t think I will replace the guinea this year, no particular reason I did enjoy them while they were here.

Hope you have a wonderful day.



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  1. If you’re looking for Heirloom seeds, the best, check They will send a catalog, very nice people to deal with. They are the only source I buy from anymore. Good luck, Elaine

  2. Thanks Elaine,

    I’ll go to check them out.


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