Jam and Jelly

It has continued to be freezing cold and windy here. This has kept me inside and still in the kitchen. There are plenty of other things I could and should be doing but I’m content to let those things slide a bit.

I decided to make some ice cream and since it  was cold I let mother nature do the freezing for me. We enjoyed it the other night with a bit of peanut butter sauce on top.

Next I had some of those left over apples from the apple sauce I made, so decided to make some apple and rose hip jelly. I used dried rose hips, something new to me. I have cooked with rose hips before but not dried. They had me worried for a bit, until I realized they are like any other dried food. A bit of soaking in water and they are set to use.

I simply boiled down the apples and hips, then let them drain through the old pillowcase I always use for jelly making. I followed the recipe for apple jam in the Certo box. 6 cups of juice, 7.5 cups of sugar and a packet of pectin.

 We enjoyed it for breakfast this morning. This was a project I ment to finish up yesterday but I got distracted with trying to help thaw out the water up at the barn. Its still frozen and we are lugging water. I think when Dick gets a chance we are going to take the pump handle off again and put some rock salt down there and see if that helps.

Yesterday first thing in the morning I took a trip to the store to pick up a few things from the sale flyer and discovered raspberries and red peppers that had to come home with me.

So I made up a batch of raspberry jam. I really wanted this to be seed free but the seeds are to tiny and went right through the mill I used.

Another great reason why I would love to have a Roma food mill. I tried to strain the berries through a metal strainer I have and the mesh was just to tight and I gave up on it. So we have half seedless jam. Even though there looks to still be quite a few seeds in there, it would have been worse.

I sent a jar of it home with friends who stopped for a visit last night and another jar with Dick this morning when he went to pick up hay. For them to enjoy. They live over on the other side of town and I always enjoy visiting with them. I didn’t go today because I am doing some respite care for the weekend.

Apple & Rose hip jelly-love that color!

Earlier in the week Dick and I went to one of his lodge functions. I had been asked to make the program for the event. It was a great project to work on and I am happy with the results. I was asked to do a program for an event coming up over a year from now. That should be another fun one to work on.

I am very happy that it has warmed up quite a bit today and the sun is out. It cheers things up to open the curtains and let the sun shine in. The past week or so it was to cold and the house stayed warmer with them closed. So it’s a nice treat. Even the lady bugs (Asian beetles) have come out from hiding and are sitting in the sun on the outside of the house and climbing up the windows. It’s about 35f in the sun.

So since I am coming down with some sort of a cold I don’t feel all that well today. My throat is scratchy and my head hurts. I think I will pull my rocking chair over to the window and enjoy the sun and do some embroidery.

That reminds me, I put away the knitting for now and have been working on embroidering a design to make into a bread bag. There is a great tutorial here, at the Down To Earth Forum. If you haven’t had a chance yet, you should stop in there, lots of great people and information.

I also have several pillow cases ready to work on that will keep me busy for a few days. I am going to put them up on the Country Store Blog when I finish them.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.



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  1. I’m happy to hear you had a little Sun, Sorry you are not feeling well. Your jam and Jelly look so yummy!

  2. Your jams and jelly look delish ! I love your idea of straining the jelly with a pillowcase , never thought of that as much as I hate using cheesecloth , so I’ll definitely be using a pillowcase the next time I make jelly. You could have strain the raspberry juice through the pillowcase after using the mill press , I do that with blackberries , although I use that dreaded cheesecloth , but it’ll be a pillowcase next time (LOL).

    ~ Many Blessings ~

  3. The apple and rose hip jelly looks like bottled happiness and sunshine. I hope some of its joy spreads to you, chasing the nasty cold bug away fast from you.

    Summer here is fickle – I did get real radish bulbs on three sucessive plantings of radishes but the sugar snap peas are like stoppy teenagers. Cos lettuce and asian style greens are great and the nastertiums are making lots of plump seed heads for pickling despite the leaves frequently drying off.

    Ah, well we all get seasons that are fickle for a different plant each year – I am just so enjoying growing veg for the first time!

    Sending care and warm huggles,

    Michelle and a peacefully snoring Zebbycat,
    xxxxx and snore…………snore…………….snore…….. from downunder

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