Baking like crazy

This past week brought more baking, guess I can’t get it out of my system and I think I LOVE the heat it adds to the house and I LOVE all the goodies and the smells.

I have made:

chocolate chip cookies

sugar free chocolate cake with frosting

wheat bread

wheat rolls

sugar free applesauce spice cookies

pumpkin bread with fresh cranberries

and today a couple of batches of sugar free applesauce cookies for a dinner we are going to this evening.

I’m enjoying time with Dick and Daisy. Over the weekend we stayed home and visited with everyone, family and friends who came for a visit. And we managed to eat the largest pot of chicken stew I have made in quite a while. I used my BIG stock pot. I washed and put it away this morning the stew made it through the weekend and that was it. All the fresh rolls are gone too.

I started an embroidery project. I picked out some pretty white cotton with a delicate white flower print. (white on white). Drew on my pattern and had it about half way done last night when it dawned on my that I have been on the wrong side of the fabric….oh’well I think I might be able to show some of it off when I make it into the bread bag I am working on.

The stitches were taken out of Sage’s eye lid and does it look great! I think by spring it will be hard to tell she was injured so badly. Thank you Dr. Westland!

Hope you are enjoying your day!


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  1. Must be the weather as I too have been baking, and everyone keeps finishing it off!

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