Call Me Old

You can if you want to. I sure feel that way some times. I can remember thinking when I was a child how often my elders would start many sentances…”When I was young..then finish it with any number of tales.

I some times would roll my eyes and block the entire conversation out and just nod my head every so often. Other times I listened with great interest.

I found myself saying the exact same thing to Daisy just this morning. She was fussing about having to ride to preschool. I know its hard on everyone to get back into things after a nice vacation. She has just had 2 weeks off. And what fun we had every day. I couldn’t stop myself as I hear the words coming out of my mouth I couldn’t change them even though I wanted to. I said, when I was young I didn’t always have a ride to school by my mom. Many days she was already at work and I had to walk. Now how on earth did I expect a three year old to understand the meaning of that. The child has never had to walk any where she didn’t want to, so how would she know walking is not always fun. Good grief, Karyn. She was polite though and simply said thats to bad mummy.

We continued on our ride down the snow covered road. We saw the other children waiting for the bus with other children. Further down the road we crossed her favorite “Thomas The Train, train tracks” she waved and told Thomas to have a good day being a “useful engine”. We sang the ABC song and looked for something that starts with each letter. We never did find A,R.Q,Y or Z….

We walked into her preschool room, hung up her jacket, put away her boots. She washed her hands, set her place at the table for their breakfast, and signed her name in the book that she was their for the day. I took the chance to discuss our continued potty training efforts with the teacher. Her teacher asked Daisy how her vacation went and she told her good, but did she know that her mummy was once young and had to walk to school? This cracked me up, the child was listening and thinking about its meaning.

So this old lady spent the afternoon canning apple sauce and enjoying the extra heat in the house. I stopped at the feed store yesterday and they had bags of deer apples out. $7.00 for a HUGE bag. I have several pounds left I saved for the horses and a few pies but I ended up with 13 pints of sauce. This will be very hand in my baking. I love to bake with apple sauce. I replace oil and sugar in a recipe with it. Just yummy stuff.

I suppose some day she will say when I was young I got to ride with my mummy and sing songs on the way to school….


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  1. Karyn your not getting old, you are getting wiser! It is when you start saying and doing things like your mother did, you have to stop yourself, because one day it will happen and you will catch yourself and question why one earth you are doing it that way.

    Glad you enjoyed your drive.

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your snow with us. It is bringing back good memories, and I can almost feel and smell the cold fresh air. 🙂 Down here I’m lucky if I get one day a year with falling flakes of white, and I really miss the snow.

    I had to stand out in the snow to catch the bus every day growing up. Dad would threaten me with the two-three mile walk to school if I missed the bus, but Mom always took me if I did. Still, I didn’t miss it very often. 😉

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