Growing and changing

After all the fun rolling in, shoveling and photographing the new snow I’m back to dreaming about the kitchen garden nice and warm in the house with my cup of fresh catnip tea and homemade crackers and cheese.

I’m thinking:

Mulch covered walk ways, bark or simple straw. Raised 4’x6′ beds, 8″ deep. 2 rows of 3 each in the middle and a nice row around the fence both inside the fence and on 2 sides outside the fence.

Sage, rosemary, chamomile, dill, nasturtium, tucked in here and there and in pots too.

In these nice rows of raised beds main crops of bush beans, carrots, beets, lettuce, radish, squash, hot peppers, sweet peppers, spinach, cukes and tomatoes.

I’ll save the space up on the hill that was put in last year for pumpkins & carrots. Although the pumpkins grew wonderful all on their own last summer in the poop pile. I didn’t plant them, they just decided to grow there. This fall I saved some of the seeds from when I roasted and froze them so I’ll try putting a few back in this spring. I will also plant them because I have found so many nice ways to use these yummy veggies.

I’m not considering corn, cabbage, broccoli, peas and some of the other greens. These can be purchased reasonable and save our garden space for the more costly veggies to buy. Or things like peas, onions, and cabbage we just don’t eat much of.

Growing vertical will be important so I will need to come up with a good strong support system to use for the cucumbers, squash and others I might be able to grow upwards.

In the first stages I will need to figure out exactly how much room I DO have. This will mean getting the boys to help me wade through the snow and measure the space exactly. It will mean then putting the space down on paper and figuring out what to put where and when a space will open up to be planted for several plantings.

New will be figuring out how to use the intensive, succession and inter-planting to make the best/most of this new space.

Back last fall Maggie, of Maggie Mea Farm wrote about her method of growing potatoes in plastic barrels. This idea has stuck with me and I have been on the look out for some plastic barrels, none found just yet. I’m hoping for 4 to cut in 1/2 to make a total of 8 spaces to grow in. She always has such great ideas. Now what else would grow in those barrels?

I’m on the search for Cranberry & Blueberry bushes to plant this year. They have been on my want list for the past few years. I think I found what I am looking for at Fedco Seed Coop. They are in Maine and have a nice selection of open pollinated and organic grown GMO free seeds, tubers, shrubs and fruit trees. You can read about them here and their safe seed pledge.

Also speaking of growing, I think a part time job with our local Visiting Nurse has fallen into my lap. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to jinx anything. 🙂

and….I received word about the scholarship I applied for to finish up my LNA course. It has been approved and I AM DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!

And lastly we had some time to make more homemade ice cream. The recipe came from Rhonda over at Down To Earth, she has recently posted it at the Down To Earth Forum.


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  1. We have a commercial bakery, in our area, that gets stuff like vanilla in food grade 50 gallon drums. I think they either sell them cheap or give them away.

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