2009 where we have been, and where are we going?

look what Santa brought-the only thing she asked for, a kitchen like mommy's

As I look back at my own I see how much has really changed in a year’s time. 2009 brought the passing of a dear friend that I cared for the past 3 years and took me on the journey to look for an out side of the home job. This was a great loss in so many ways first the fact that a constant companion was gone and I’m lost (still) with out him. Second the major part of our income has gone and this put a strain on our savings, budget and mostly Dick’s health with working so hard all summer when he really needed a good rest.

Daisy and her new brother Shea

The past year brought new gardening adventures and challenging weather, that I think won! As there wasn’t much to put up for the winter. This year I hope and plan on adding a kitchen garden. I hope to budget in a pressure canner this year.

The adventure of tracking down heritage, endangered chickens, the joy of having them here and the disappointment when they were all killed by the neighbor’s dog. This year I will do it all over again and also hope to add heritage turkeys, a pig and buy into a standing beef cow for the freezer later in the coming year.

Not on my list from last year was the hope to learn to make our own dairy products. I did manage to successfully make sour cream and buttermilk before other things got in the way of my experimenting. This year I hope to make mozzarella, ricotta and butter.

This past year brought a new tractor to the farm. It’s working well for us but we do miss the bigger back hoe we traded in…

Sharing our favorite pony with Santa

Friends old and dear have shown their support through all of this. Last year also brought a few new friends both local and on line. I’m not one to have a huge circle of friends and the ones I do have are very dear to me, always.

So lets see what this year will hold in store for us as I continue this simple life….

Happy New Year to all.


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  1. Hi Karyn,
    I enjoyed sharing your ups and downs in 2009, of course more so the ups. I never like to see bad fortune befall a friend, seeing how you handle lifes adversity with strength, and calmness has been valuable to me.
    I hope 2010 brings much joy, healthy chickens, bountiful garden, good health and delicious self made cheese to your life!

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