Thinking of the garden


The seed catalogs have been arriving a few at a time each day in the mail. They are all so entertaining to look over and make notes in with my red marker and sticky notes! WHAT!–what you didn’t do this New Year’s Eve? I looked over seed catalogs and dreamed of the smell of warm hay growing and dandelion seeds blowing in the wind….Sadly most I will not order from as they are not companies I choose to do business with, they are owned by Monsanto. But they are good for planting guidelines and other tid bits of information. And the glorious photos of vegetables! 

A fellow blogger and next town over friend, Maggie, of Maggie Mae Farm, has recently written a wonderful post on seeds, I don’t feel the need to repeat her thoughts as they are much the same as my own when it comes to gardening. 

So why the picture of my favorite old chair in a pile of fresh snow? Well the future garden space right on our front lawn of course…didn’t you guess that? Now I know you must be thinking I have smelled too much yeast after the past few posts. But honestly I haven’t….really I haven’t. This fenced in area is around 50’x50 feet and for the past few summers been the “pen” to keep Daisy out of trouble in-these-here-woods, and out of the animal pens. Lately she has been really good and able to understand the dangers of wandering off. Not to say she doesn’t need to be watched–BECAUSE SHE DOES, every 3.5 minutes to be exact. But she is better. This was also the chicken area last summer until we got to chicken coop & run ready. Daisy had a blast playing with them. My secret dream is for all children to spend a summer loving, caring for and playing with farm animals.

 I have plans on making this entire area a kitchen garden, a portager (Pot-ah-zhay). A fancy French word I know and Kitchen Garden does suite me better…Can’t you see it? Nice raised beds all in neet rows with a planting bed around the edges? I know at the moment it’s a sad little fence, but I have some lovely boards to top off, frame it in, and strengthen the top of the fence. I plan to add an arbor at the entrance and a “proper gate”. Just now the gate is a cut in the fence we roll back out-of-the-way and shut tight again with a bit of bailing twine… So fashionable and high-tech aren’t we….Best of all it will be close to the kitchen and it’s already fenced in to keep that pesky woody-woodchuck  and his friends out of the garden. I don’t think it will stop the deer, however.

 I am working out a planting schedule to interplant and try to do better at succession plantings. Also I hope that with a garden area so close I will be better at weeding it and putting in a crop to overwinter and actually waking through the deep snow to harvest some of those winter veggies. Yup, there are some beets and carrots in the garden right now but I haven’t the gumption to shovel my way to them.

 Also something I am really committed to this year as it was on my goal list last year is to get the Blueberry & Cranberry bushes planted. I also have been looking at pear and apple trees this year. The apple trees here on the farm are so old and rather wild. They do produce a good quantity of wild type apples and they do make nice sauce, so the will stay.  

Mini-Booster the Black Java Rooster

And lastly I thought I would share with you a picture of Mini-Booster. The Black Java rooster we gave away just before the dog attack that killed all of our chickens this fall. He has matured nicely and still loves to run up to Daisy and squat down for her to pick him up. Who would think that a rooster would remember her after several months. This is the poor rooster that endured countless trips around the yard in her arms, in the baby stroller and even plopped more than once in her red wagon for a ride. Mini Booster even would go swimming with her in her wading pool. A true friend.

 Mini Booster earned this name because he was from the second hatch we had, Stewie was always bigger than him, Daisy doesn’t say rooster, but booster…So he is mini and a booster.

 Hope you are enjoying all of your seed catalogs! I sure am. 🙂


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  1. Love the rooster story. I believe we all have one of those. We had one named Murray, only Murray though he was my boyfriend. Everyday I go on a 4km walk and Murray always came with me. When his strutting along became too slow he would fly up, or fly onto my shoulder. I’m sure any of the other farmers on the road though I was crazy, but really Murray was!

    I do see your garden. Really find out about cranberry bushes though. Talk about others in your area. I had no luck with them at all.

    We planted two apple trees late fall after getting them from a nursery for 60% off. Spartan apples. We too have close to 50 apple trees on the farm that have grown wild. Some really taste good but look like………..well you know. Wouldn’t be seen out in the city eating them. But great for making apple sauce for baking.

    Your garden thoughts put a little sunshine in my head today. Thank-you.

  2. Hey Karyn! It’s been a while. You know, MiniBooster is the name of our #1 rooster too! Nice choice. 🙂

    We’re getting a bit of a blizzard here in TN. The first in the 12 years we’ve been here! Stay warm and be thankful for the snow! I do so miss it!


  3. Hi Kristen,

    Mini Booster is a good chicken name isn’t it? We had more snow last week and more on the way this week. Hasn’t the weather been crazy!

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