Our food supply is safe?

It seems almost every time I turn around I read or hear some horror about our food safety here in the US.

Perhaps it’s not new news to you but I was really pissed off yesterday when I read this in our local paper. I also read it here in the New York Times.

For goodness sake I stopped using ammonia to clean the house except when I need to do a tough job because it’s toxic. AND they’re treating food with it?

Now we are not one to eat loads of fast food, maybe twice a year at most. The part that really got me is that this meat is making its way into premade packaged foods at the grocery store.

It is also part of the Federal School Lunch Program. This hits home for me–hard! Since Daisy is in a Federally funded pre school program I need to go back into school and change more paperwork. I already had to list specific ingredients such as corn, soy, white sugar, any bread, I do not want her to eat while at school. The school didn’t like it one bit and told me flat-out. “This food comes straight from Federal food reserves and the USDA assures it is wholesome and we serve well balanced meals to the children.”

After much argument I still didn’t convince the woman that most corn and soy in the US is a GMO food and I didn’t care what the Federal government says is safe or not. That I don’t care the meals are well balanced nutritionally my point was the basic ingredients were unsafe in my opinion. My Grandchild WILL NOT eat these foods no matter where they came from. She thinks I’m wacked out of my mind….

Just wait until I go back in there about the meat….

What I have ended up doing is feeding her a huge breakfast here at home before school and picking her up a bit early just before lunch. And you know what is funny, the very next day after my big talk with them about the food. I stopped in to find Daisy eating white bread toast with margarine and bottled jelly. The woman could not comprehend that there was white sugar in the bread, corn syrup in the jelly and corn oil in the margairne….And she has a college education and is trusted to teach our children. Good grief!

Just another argument to grow my own, and to keep my children home from public school.


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  1. For the real truth, look up Codex Alimentarius. A great website I’ve found that speaks the truth is http://www.healthfreedomUSA.org. Thank God these people are getting the truth out there. My husband and I are seriously thinking self-sustainability with growing our own meat and produce on a big scale. Now to sell the house and find a piece of ground… Email me anytime…Sue

  2. Well this just turns my stomach! I didn’t see how exactly do they use ammonia in making the meat “safe”. Do they wash the meat with it?

    Sounds like you got the right idea about how to make sure your granddaughter doesn’t eat that stuff at school.

  3. Bring in a package of white bread and ask her to read the ingredients out loud.

  4. So sad that educated people are so ignorant about the food supply. I made my son’s lunch every day when he was in school, and he never even tasted kool-aid or pop tarts until he was in his teens and at a friend’s house! Everybody watch FOOD, INC the movie for an eye opener about your “safe” food.

    We grow a ton of fruit and produce on our little city lot, and buy farm raised organic beef locally. Gardens not Grass!

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