The last few days….

It seems to me I haven’t been around here much. Every time I turn around something has happened and I have to leave the farm. It’s putting me behind schedule and making me tired plus a bit stressed that things are going undone around here.

Not being here means I have to make up the lost time when ever I can. Today was a weekly trip to one of Daisy’s therapist so I brought along with me my seed catalogs. Seems I was just saying they are coming earlier every year. Well I have found it useful. I have most of the garden planned for the coming season. While I receives several strange looks for having my catalogs open all over the floor of the waiting room and sitting in the middle of them with colored markers drawing maps, circling things and making notes, checking old notes in the back of my gardening binder. One gentleman even walked past and had to turn around to ask me what catalogs I was looking at. Seems he is a gardener too, so I tore the address of the back of each and gave them to him to order his own. It was a good start to the gardining season and an hour well spent.

Over the weekend Sage managed to get into some sort of trouble and came back to the barn for the night with her eye lid just about ripped off. A call to the vet, 6 stitches later and me holding a bill for over $3oo Sage is all patched back together, and on the mend.

I had a chance to make more english muffins from the recipe I have been trying out. This time I used all whole wheat flour instead of the mixed I tried last time. No one noticed the difference, but I did in the nutritional value of them. I’ll post the recipe when things calm down a bit.

Christmas came and went, we had a lovely quiet day. I spent the day cooking and knitting and we enjoyed a good meal in the afternoon with family. Christmas Eve we were invited by some friends to attend Christmas Eve Mass with them. We went & the kids in their costumes for the play were all so cute. I had a chance to visit with some friends from town I haven’t seen recently and that was about it.

I’ve been praying to the snow gods for snow and today the while fluffy stuff started falling. Now usually I don’t hope for snow since I HATE and REFUSE to drive in it, don’t ski, or snowmobile. I do manage time to snowshoe and ice fish a bit later in the season but for the most part I have no use for it. This year is different it means Dick will be starting up the plow truck and going to work.

I have plans on starting a new experiment in growing some salad greens inside in the window. I have never tried  it so will let you know how that goes.

Hope you are all enjoying your days,



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  1. Karyn

    Do post your English muffin recipe. I buy them often. Nice to eat with our home grown eggs, but it would be nice to make them.

    I envy you as not one seed catalog has arrive here yet. I have been thinking of experimenting with salad greens indoors as well. I just read an article book on having gardens all year around outdoors with hoops and plastic but we get such cold weather and heavy snow I question the whole idea.

    Let us know how your greens come along.

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