What a great weekend

Time for hot chocolate with the last of the baking cools...

Time for some hot chocolate while the last of the baking cools

After the past couple of weeks running around with my head cut off I had a chance to STAY HOME! The house looked like a bomb went off and I had laundry to catch up on, our fridge looked like a display model with nothing in it, and we used every last frozen loaf of bread in the house. The freezer was emptied of all the quick frozen meals I had put away and the last 2 days no desserts to be found in the house. DESPERATE TIMES, INDEED.

It was a busy weekend for me, tiring yet rejuvenating all at the same time. Saturday I had a craft fair to work and that night a Christmas party to go to. I hadn’t even had time to bake a dessert to bring to the party. I did the unthinkable and stopped at the grocery store on my way home from the craft fair and bought pre-baked brownies, rushed home, cut them into bits sized pieces and rolled them quickly into powdered sugar and tossed them on a pretty platter, rushed out the door….

Yesterday I was up at 2am ready to set things right, while the rest of the house snoozed away…

The oven was on most of the day with bread, rolls, english muffins, bread crumbs, pie and a cake. The washer sang all day long and the clothes racks are so full I can’t fit even a napkin on one. IT’S A GOOD THING!

The house was cleaned, floors and bathrooms scrubbed to a sparkle. The christmas tree went up and Christmas cards were written and ready to mail. Now how is that for multi tasking?

Today will be another day of catching up on chores….well, right after I help clean up outside from the snow dumped overnight. I didn’t have that in my plans for today. I hope to get the curtains down, washed and put away and replace them with our winter quilted ones. Swap around the bedding for the warm cozy versions and sort through some of Daisy’s toys. And put away the clothes from yesterday.

I need to finish up a few sewing projects before Christmas. My machine has needed a new belt of a couple of weeks now. Dick the sweetie surprized me with a new one (belt not machine) and fixed the machine for me over the weekend. What a nice guy! But I think he did it so quickly because he needs some pants hemmed. Naw, that can’t be it, he just wanted to be nice.

So how this happen with all my planning that I have become so busy and overwhelmed with things to do? I have no idea, guess things just happen.

Hope your weekend was as full of good times….



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