Last weeks craft fair

Was a busy day for meeting friends, old and new. Can’t say sales were good, because we barely made our table fees…Oh’ well we had a good time any way.

Also made a contact and managed to drop off salve and some solid hand lotion in a local shop for consignment sales.

Thought you might like to see our latest unconventional set up. The space was one long table across the wall. So it left no room for us to sit and no room for me to set up the baker’s rack I normally use or space to hang our chalk board signs… It worked out okay though.

In the first picture you can see the beautiful cotton dishcloths & scarfs my friend Cynthia knits. Then further down the table are the bath biscuits, and soap cakes, salves, solid lotion. Behind on the shelf are the felt pin cushion cakes, some catnip and a beautiful hand painted bird house gourd.

I also am doing my best to get into the holiday mood and have put most everything in our Etsy shop on sale.  There is quite a bit over at our country store that isn’t listed at the Etsy site so if you are in the mood for shopping you might want to stop in at our Blogger Country Store.

Our soaps and dog collars are a few items not found in the Etsy site.

Speaking of holiday moods, today’s snow is helping out with that. The forecast is for 8-12 inches of snow today. This makes me feel better that it’s enough to start up the plow truck and send Dick to work for the day. 🙂

It’s been so hard to be merry and bright when every one I talk to is in bad spirits with this economy, no work, little food and no holiday cheer to be heard.

As you know I volunteer at out local food pantry and are the lines long and deep with families looking for help. The donations for both food and children’s toys are far and few this season. I had to tell them I would not return until mid January. The mood of this season has taken a toll on me and I needed to step back, regroup my thoughts and aching heart for my community & friends. A very hard decision for me to make. By my very nature I am a giving person and I struggled for several weeks with this hard decision to stop giving of myself for a short time.

I had a good chuckle over the weekend, the seed catalogs have started to arrive already, does this mean it’s going to be a short winter or does it mean there are months of teasing to be had by the catalogs sitting on the coffee table for months? 🙂 They are going to be so dog-eared by the time I’m ready to place my orders, there might not be any ink left on the pages…

Hope you have a wonderful day, I’m off to do some shoveling…



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  1. Just a suggestion for your next craft show/fair… get rid of the yellow table cloth. Red, Orange and Yellow are know retail “SALE” colors and de-note CHEAPNESS. Try a more calming color like blue or green or a neutral. Just an idea from a retail manager.

  2. We’ve been getting seed catalogs here too. I’ve already been at them with the highlighter. They’re one of my vices but I promised myself that I would take a very careful inventory of what I have left before buying,,, Gosh I wish I could garden full time! 🙂

  3. Thank you for the suggestion! Those lovely cheap plastic covers were on the table and everyone had to use them….My first choice is either white or dark green and def not plastic….Weren’t they pretty!

    I might try the light blue in the spring, what do you think of light purple?


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