Catching up

Boy it’s been so long since I have had time to post here. Where to begin…

I have been making soap, soap and more soap. Getting ready for the craft fair season. I realize that jumping back into the craft circuit after so many years and in this day with our economy it’s tricky to think I will do well. But I have to do something and it’s worth giving it a try until I can find a paying job.

I can see in my mind exactly what I want the new set up to look like and collecting everything is taking time. Some of it is easy like the baskets and fabrics, packaging, tables. But other things like the baker’s rack I want will need to wait until I have a bit of extra money from sales to get.

It’s a tough call because this is the time for the sales and I’m so not ready in many areas. Designing and making the products, labels, business cards, keeping the blog and selling blog up to date. Then there is the job of finding the fairs and making contact with the organizers of the event.

All this while I continue with my daily routines of keeping the farm running smoothly. It gets a bit tricky at times and friends who visit have to put up with soap stacked all over the table and counters in the kitchen. Not such a bad problem to have actually. 🙂

Dick has been sent home for the winter this is a double edged blessing for us. While it allows him time home and time to catch up on so many projects around here it puts our finances in strain. He has been the only one bringing in an income since April, and now that has stopped. Hope snow will be on it’s way soon around here!

The Thanksgiving holiday came and went around here, family visited, we had a good time but it was quickly put aside this year. Everyone’s thoughts were on what plan of attack would work for the coming winter and finding work. Not only for my family but my sister’s, and niece’s as well. Their families are out of work too.

The emotional roller coaster continues with Daisy as she struggles with the introduction her mother back into her life. She hasn’t seen her since she was just over a year old, february she will be four. This makes it hard on everyone here in the house. Therapy visits with two different therapists every week keep us running from one end of the state to the other. And she is now missing about one half of her school time because of it. Not fair to her at all. An emotional time for everyone involved.

Our pantry is holding up well so far after being pretty much neglected and used from all summer. I have had a chance to add to it a bit but more is being used than is going into it. I’m not worried just yet.

My holiday gifts are just about completed and I just need to wrap them. I just have 3 more blankets to crochet an edging around. One each for the boys and one for my niece. They are fleece lap size blankets I picked up on sale over the summer. A pretty lace edge will finish them nicely. I’m not using the crochet thread but cotton yarn.

Sorry no pictures today. I’m off to talk to two different ladies who run consignment craft shops here in our area. I made the trip yesterday but one woman wasn’t in and the other shop was closed.


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  1. Good luck with the craft fairs. I hope things settle down for Daisy soon.

  2. oh Karyn, it seems so hectic!

    In Maine we have a a book that is published that is called Craftah. It is a listing of all the craft fairs in Maine, from small church and school fairs to artisan organizations. They have a website, It is a small fee for the book but has plenty of listings.

  3. Whew. Was starting to get worried since you hadn’t posted in so long. “tis the time of year where everything is in a flurry here too.

    Don’t forget to take some time and relax! 🙂

  4. Things are busy across the river I see! Glad ot hear you’re keeping your sanity!

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