Indian Summer

fall 4The past few days has been glorious around here. Temps are up into the 60’s and it’s sunny. Just perfect for working outside, with no bugs, wind, or it being to hot. It’s so nice for a change and good for the spirits.

The leaves have fallen and the trees are all but a few bare and sleeping for the season. Most everything is brown and grey, not the prettiest time to me. But it part of the process and change in the seasons. Soon it will all be covered with white snow. Snow to sparkle in the sun.

In the yard:

A few weeks ago Dick put a bucket load of manure into the raised garden bed and today I will take Daisy with me to rake it out and cover with a nice layer of leaves. I like to add compost and manure at least twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. A few weeks ago I pulled all of the dead plants out and added them to the compost pile. It’s a good idea to just not leave them in the garden, there may be hidden bug, disease, fungus left from when the plants were growing. It’s also a good idea to pull the dead material out from the flower beds as well for the same reason. Then add the compost and layer of leaves. I wish I had warned him that I need to take a bit of the soil out, it’s even with the top of the border and the compost will bring it up over…

Now is also a good time to put a nice thin layer of compost on top of the lawn. For those who worry about a nice looking lawn. To us a lawn is nice but it fends for itself, it grows or it doesn’t. Ours is mostly clover and not grass anyway. There are so many other important things to do around here than to pamper a lawn that doesn’t provide anything for us.  The clover blossoms are a welcome arrival here each year. I will pick and dry them for tea later in the cold and flu season. Didn’t end up with many this year it was so rainy they never really dried enough to pick and not be a soggy moldy mess before they had a chance to dry for storage. I do have quite a bit left from last year, so I think we will be okay.

It’s getting a bit late in the season, but there is still time to plant any spring bulbs. I have a couple of lilies I need to get planted. I usually will buy a few daffodils this time of year and plant them up, but not this year. Our budget is stretched so tight for this winter, flowers would be a frivolous investment I don’t want to make just now. However there is the possibility I could find time and swap some with my sister. She has a few in her yard I don’t. I have a few perennials that could stand thinning and she has room in her beds for them.


In the kitchen:

There are 4 large pumpkins on the steps that will need to be made into puree for baking later on. And the seeds will be roasted with a bit of salt for snacking. This will wait for a cooler day when it’s not so nice out and I’m in the house, but before the frost turns them to mush. It’s a good temperature outside just now for them and they would turn fast in the warm house.

I took another inventory of the pantry and made a list of things to stock up on. The veggies I dehydrated for the chickens to eat this winter and a bucket of scratch feed will head over to another farm for them to use up before it goes bad.

Supper last night went well and the men were hungry, I had enough corn chowder left for a meal. This was a good thing. The fridge is full of leftovers from a huge 22 pound turkey I cooked this past weekend with all the fixings to go with it.


The Farm Store:

Sewing has come to a halt around here until I can find a new belt for the sewing machine. I first need to figure out how to get the old one off then to the store for a replacement.

I haven’t had any time to make soap the past few weeks but It’s in the plans. There are a few bars of Rose Oatmeal left if anyone is interested.

bath meltsAlso before the week is out I hope to list the Bath Melt Bars and Bath Biscuits I told you about a bit ago.

And to list the cloth lunch bags I recently finished. More about those later.

And lastly, to answer a few email questions…. there are dog collars over at the Country Store. Just now I can’t finish any for the christmas season as the sewing machine is not working….But soon.

I hope you are enjoying the simple things in your life today.




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