A busy weekend

daisy copyWhat a beautiful weekend here. The weather was up in the 60’s and the sun was out. Saturday I spent an unproductive day at a local craft fair. Yesterday we worked around the yard and I spent some time with Daisy playing in the leaves. We raked up a huge pile and rolled, jumped and hid in them.

We took the time to put the plow on the truck and a quick greasing just to be sure everything was working and took it off again. It’s good to do this before you actually need it to know there aren’t any repairs that need to be made, BEFORE it’s snowing and you need it.

I worked with the horses a bit yesterday. The little Joby was getting a bit fresh and pushy. He is better this morning and wants to climb in my pocket. He has though for the past couple of mornings that he wanted to pull and try to run out of the barn. We worked on that and what a difference just a few minutes made. Nice and polite, the boy I love has returned.

Today was a cooking day for me. June and November are the months I cook dinner for the men at Dick’s lodge for their monthly meeting. On the menu: Corn chowder, corn bread, chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, apple cider and coffee. Just 45 this time…





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