I have noticed….

Seems like forever since I have had a chance to spend any time at this blog or reading any of my favorites now that I think about it.


What a spot to stop for lunch while hiking

This past week also brought the need to clean out the big freezer and take a good inventory of what was in there and move some of the older goodies to the freezer in the kitchen to be use soon.

Doing this twice a year is something I always try to do for a couple of reasons. The first is to use some of the older stuff up and second it gives me a chance to use some good warm water and baking soda to give it a good scrubbing. It’s funny to me how everything that goes in there is wrapped well and it still manages to collect dirt…

While I had everything out I also took the time to update the inventory list I keep and to my surprize it was pretty accurate this time around. That is a feat I have been working on accomplishing for several years, maybe I am getting the hang of it. I also was able to make a shopping list of things that were low and I will watch for them to go on sale in the next few weeks to stock up for the winter.

This past week brought a client to the house on respite and he left today for the next chapter in his life. I noticed that I feel better sine he has left, some people just have a negative feel to them and it sucks the energy from me.

Also this presented the need to clean the entire house very well and decided I needed to purchase and use some commercial disinfectants just to be on the safe side. To no surprize to me while these disinfectants were getting rid of all the nasties it also was indiscriminate and killed the friendly bacteria. I mention this because in just the short week I had to use them I noticed that my yogurt and sour cream didn’t do as well. Actually I couldn’t get the sour cream to thicken at all.

This makes me wonder how families that are on the band-wagon for antibacterial everything manage these tasks. I have just about finished with the disinfectants and need to give the house one more good cleaning and I will retire them to the cellar should I need them again. Let’s hope not.

The other thing that struck me this past week is that I needed to use good old Lysol in the spray cans. I do use this occasionally when I give the garbage can in the barn a good cleaning but not usually in the house. A single can will last a good year or more.

I went to buy a new can and I discovered that the cost of a single can has gone sky high….over $6.00 and I bought the last 2 on the store shelf. In my many trips to the pharmacy last week I checked there too and their shelves were empty as well but the price tags weren’t any cheaper.

I guess this H1N1 and flu scare has forced the demand and prices up for such disinfectants. It’s kind of scary for me to think about all the germ killing both good and bad going on in my community just now.

Any one else noticing this in your area?

And finally this past week brought the close of the chicken saga here at the farm. We delivered the lonely little Guinea Hen to its new home yesterday. Come spring I will order more eggs to hatch and I am hoping to order chicks too. Both the Delaware and Black Java. I also would like to add a few heritage breed turkeys. I’ll spend some time over the winter deciding on a breed.

And lastly I noticed our little Daisy is growing again and it’s time to sort through her clothes and pass some of them on…

Hope you all have a good day. What

daisy and puppa copy

Daisy and her Puppa

have you noticed this past week?



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  1. I have noticed my 18 month old baby girl is starting to speak in 4 word sentances! That my nine year old daughter is turning into a bit of a bossyboots. That my 3 year old son becoming Mr Independant a lot more, and that it won’t be long until I’m sending him off to school.

  2. Aren’t the mile stones they reach just wonderful. They always make me stop and notice too….


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