It’s that time again

to start thinking about and making our holiday gifts.

The economy around here is BAD. Everyone I talk to is mentioning it and in the crafting circles of friends lately the talk isn’t about trying some new yarn, fabric or sewing do-dad. The talk is about cleaning out the stash of goodies already laying around and finding ways to use those up.

They aren’t talking about large elaborate gifts, they are talking about making very practical gifts. Mittens, hats, scarves, placemats, gloves, socks, basic blankets.

My plans follow much this same thinking. For our close friends and committee/community friends is to knit pretty gift bags to hold the jars of jelly. I would also like to embroider a nice linen bread bag with a fresh loaf of bread tucked inside. I have enough yarn here and over the summer found a jumper made of off-white linen that will make lovely bread bags.

There are some very nice embroidery patterns here. I print them on plain white paper and then trace the pattern onto my fabric with one of those washable fabric markers. Some I have to darken the lines first to see clearly through the fabric.

My family apart from Daisy is always asking for very practical things such as gift cards for groceries and gas. My oldest son told me to just go ahead and buy the groceries because he hated that part. So for him I think I will find a nice wicker laundry basket and fill it with essentials for his pantry. Add a few leaves of fresh bread wrapped in embroidered dish towels and he will be happy. His favorite is banana.

Son #2 still lives here with us so I am thinking a few pair of his favorite work pants with gas cards in the pocket will be appreciated by him. Dick is going to be a bit trickier this year, he like me just doesn’t need or want anything new, so this I will have to think on… But I am thinking a couple of new screw guns (cordless drills). After all the work the past few years his batteries are just about worn out and he has been fussing about them all summer. The other thing he has had his eye on is a battery operated grease gun.

So what are you thinking about for the coming holiday season?


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  1. Sounds like the same old story every where you look!

    We’re planning can goods like jellies, jams, butters and horseradish sauce. I have lots of scarp fabric in fun colors to make gift bags for them.

    I’m also planning on making wire wrap jewlery and wine glass cuffs from some of the beautiful beans I grew this year.

    I always love the homemade gifts, because they are the embued with love…


  2. I am sewing a needle/ colored pencil cases for my son and a friends daughter. I am using scraps and I will put a pair of knitting needles and colored pencils in them

    I have been busy knitting vests for hubby, my boys and nieces. They work up quick and will cover jam stains on the shirts;)

    For friends I am doing some baking, jellies, and dishclothes. The teen is working on weaving pot holders.

    I finished my job at the bookstore but took advantage of my discount before leaving; so , I got some books for the kids and hubby. But we are going to be paying more attention to the celebration of the season with some good food and friends.

    Any other gifts I that I buy will be practical. Teen needs a new winter jacket and wee one will get snow shoes this year because he is has become too heavy to carry on our backs when we snowshoe.

  3. Maggie, What a nice idea, I would love to see the wrapped beans, they sound so pretty. I have a necklace made from dried corn that I just love.

    I bet sewing the gift bags will be easier than the time I am having knitting mine. I’m going to wear the yarn out from pulling it apart to fix my mess ups…

    I had a pattern at one time to make those pencil holders. Looked like they would be fun to make. I did see a boy at the doctors the other day who had one, the cutest thing, he had to have each crayon in just the right spot….

    Sounds like it should be a wonderful season with friends and family.

  4. I was lucky enough to find some calender towels from my dil and dd birth year, at the flea market and thrift store. Both of these lovely ladies are pregnant. I have lots of fabric scraps and randomly sewed pieces together to make a piece as big as the calender towel. Right sides together, sew around both sides and bottom. Make a drawstring tube for the top, insert ribbon…a nice little bag to put soiled jammies or other baby clothes in to transport home. I also went to and made the wonderful potholders she has a tutorial for, very cute and easy to make. Combines quilting, knitting or crochet! There is also a fabulous tutorial on for a darling dolly quilt. I can actually see that done in a bigger version! My bil is difficult to buy for, so he gets a 5 lb bag of whole pecans, home made fudge, etc. He has been known to brag about his gifts from our family, makes us feel good! I have been busy cutting blue jeans up all spring, summer and fall. You can take the butt part of large jeans, cut off the legs portion, sew polka dot (my favorite) or other ruffle from waist, down, across bottom, up the other side to the waist. Insert a long tie and, viola, an apron, farmgirl style. I also make quilts from the jeans. I use 6 1/2″ squares paired up with a matching plaid square with an added chunk of smaller left over batting or toweling, sew an X thru, then stack one set on another with the flannels touching. Sew across the top @ 1/2″ seam allowance. A nice couch cuddler will use @ 20 pairs of average size mens jeans. Maybe I better do a tutorial of this on my blog? omg, am I long winded! I just get excited about all the possibilites of Christmas. Hope some of this helps, good luck, Elaine

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