The fall garden-Seed Sharing

The fall garden is an interesting place lately. I am finding beauty all around even though the flowers have pretty much faded away….

daisyToday are the long gone Daisies that grow along side the house. These came from Bluestone a few years back. While they are rated for zone 5 and above they do well here in my zone 4 garden. I just never told the Daisies the difference.

They are a happy perennial with many weeks of blooms. Here they grow to be about 5 feet tall and need a bit of staking if you don’t like them leaning a bit. A heavy rain or wind will bend the stems and put them to the ground.

The only care they receive from me is compost in the spring and fall and any leaves that fall around them for the winter. We always have a good snow cover so I think that helps.

This is the time to cut back the seed heads and remove any dead leaves. I like to pull apart the seed heads and let them fall to the ground. I have a few extra I saved. I put them into little packages and would love to share them with anyone who would like a few.

I have 5 packages, so the first 5 to leave me a message I will send you my address and you in return can send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I will get them out to you. They should arrive in time to sprinkle on the ground this fall or you could sew them in the spring.

In the next few days I will put together some of the white Echinacea also growing in that flower bed. They are from the Big Sky series, Sunrise. I’ll post about them when I get them ready.


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  1. I would love to have a few seeds. Daisies have always been a fav of mine. What a treat to be able to share from the other side of the country. My email is if you could send me your address. I love your blog and refer to it almost daily for inspiration and your wonderful recipes!

  2. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers. I am always stopping on road sides and picking Wild Daisies. There is something about the white petals around that circle of yellow that makes it look simple but elegant. And they last forever in a vase. I would love some of your seeds for planting around a flower landscape that I’m vorking on. My e-mail address is Please write.

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