and So the Week Went….

hikeNot a great week around here, I already told you about the chickens. That turned out not all that great.

There is an old Blue Book law here in town and the maximum I am entitled to is up to $100. to replace the chickens and Guinea hens. Seems way back in 1800 something a $100. was a lot of money and would have covered the cost of our birds easily and then some. It’s an old silly law, but that’s the way it is.

The owners of the dog ended up being fined 3 times for the dog being here (it kept coming back) and did pay the restitution. I have no idea why, but I ended up with $96. for all the birds. Like the title of this post there were other things going on and I just didn’t have the energy to fight about it or think about civil court to recover the remaining costs.

Those birds were so mangled it was hard to tell exactly how many were in the pen. Later that day a Guinea came home and I put it in the pen. Went out later to find the dog back in the pen and the hen in pieces. That was time #3 the dog was here.  The next day a second Guinea came back and I locked it in the coop and screwed a board across the door to the run. The poor thing is so scared and seems lonely. I decided to bring it to another farm so it wouldn’t be alone. I’ll try to catch it over the weekend and get it in a cage for the ride.

hike1This week brought our new client, a very friendly and likable fella. Unfortunatly because of medical issues with him we have decided we can’t care for him. It was a tough decision to loose my job and income again. There was no decision to be made, my family must come first.

It has been a beautiful fall week here perfect for working on buttoning up things and getting ready for winter, not me however, I have been in the house with lines of state and agency people coming and going, don’t want to forget the phone ringing off the hook. And the race against old man winter marches on without me.

hike2On the bright side son #1 knows how I love pictures and brought back the ones shown in this post from a recent hike up to the White Mountains. He even said hello to the Old Man for me, who sadly isn’t there any longer.

He said he had a great time and the weather while a bit cool in the mountains the views made up for it. He said there is still snow on the ground in places.

I have noticed while beautiful the foliage colors aren’t all that bright this year. But still very pretty.

I just love that when I am feeling at my worst my family always manages to show me in some way that they love and care for me. I’m feeling better and can appreciate the amazing gifts given to me once again.

hike3Even Miss Daisy could feel my frustration this week and last night came to me, sat in my lap, tapped me on the side of the cheek and said, “l lub you mummy”, and sang me her favorite song that always calms her down. Twinkle, Twinkle little star. We rocked and sang for over an hour. A special treat because Daisy doesn’t sit still all that long.

Hope you have a great day and get a chance to enjoy the season.





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