Blasted-ol’ Dog!

I woke up this morning to find every last chicken and Guinea dead in their pen. Decided to worry about it after I got Daisy to school and didn’t even look that way as I left the yard to take her to school.

When I got back a dog was in the yard and had a hen in it’s mouth. I chased it off and called the police to come up to figure out who owns the dog. I realize dogs will be dogs but there is a leash law in this town. I have a feeling the dog belongs to the neighbor’s up the road who build a new house earlier this year. I sure hope not, they aren’t friendly and always have problems with all the farm animals around here. A few times they have actually rolled their windows down and yelled at me to get the horses out of the road. I just look at them and ask where they suppose I should ride them in the tree tops?

The police department wants me to figure out what the birds are worth. How does one go about doing that? I know what it will cost to replace the birds but what about all the lost eggs and their breeding worth? Not to mention they aren’t all that easy to come by to replace. I know it’s stupid to say, but I haven’t even had the opportunity to add them to our list of animals here on the farm for the insurance company. My bad to keep it on the bottom of my list all summer.

So I had the lovely task of cleaning out the coop and pen first thing this morning. Our new client will be here today and dead birds wouldn’t make a very good first impression on him or the State officials who will be bringing him.

This event is sad and maddening at the same time. It’s never good to loose an animal but I also know it’s part of the way things can be. So I am back to step one again come spring to find Black Java and Delaware birds for our farm. First thing is first though, I will be running several strands of electric fencing around and up over the coop and pen.

Fall and winter is not a good time around here to be starting chicks, it’s way to cold for such small birds.

I don’t hold any of this against the dog, just the owners who aren’t watching it.


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  1. What a tragedy. Ironically that is how Mr Puffy came to live with us. He lived in the country side in Indiana and would run off for weeks at a time and live off chickens. He eventually was shot by a farmer and came home all covered in blood (to this day he’s still full of buckshot pellets). That is when his owners decided to give him up. He came to live with us when he was only 2 years old. He’s now close to 17. I call him a “recovering” chicken thief. I think, like an alcoholic, once they get a taste for it, it’s very hard to break. No chickens lost on my watch though 🙂

    I think besides the value of the chickens, you might consider adding to the bill the cost to improve the coop and any other expense you will have. Perhaps a poultry organization will have some other ideas on what are recoverable costs in a situation like this.

  2. Oh Karyn,
    I’m so sorry to hear this.
    I hope you can work through it to a suitable conclusion , though I ideally I see its obviously not something you want or need to be doing right now.

  3. How very sad! Didn’t those people notice they were buying property in a farm animal neighborhood? If it was my dog, I would be heartsick that it had killed someone else’s animals.

  4. So sorry to hear this! What did those neighbors think they moved to, anyway? Duh, it’s the country! I just despise that attitude. I’m a city girl, but come on, if I moved to the country I’d expect it to be rural…

    I have no idea how much those birds would be worth, or where to find out. I hope you get something.

  5. Oh, how sad! And maddening!

    We’re getting the “assorted guinea pack” from McMurray in the spring. It’s 30 assorted keets and I don’t actually *need* 30. If you guys want to go in on a few and save some shipping let me know. I kow you probably only want a handful or so.

  6. Thanks Maggie,

    I will take you up on that offer. Still a few months to think about it.

    Thank you so very much.


  7. Totally not the dog’s fault, totally the owners. So sorry to hear about this!

    Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the feed and bedding if you bought any.

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