A little of this & a little of that

bootsThat’s how my days have been going. The helpful lists I always make myself have been rewritten over and over and it’s the small projects that are being done while the large one return to the next list.

Yesterday I managed to finish up and print off several labels for the soaps and bath products I have been working on. That brought me to the storage cupboard down cellar where I have stacks of paper, ribbon, rubber stamps, glue and markers. I pulled several of them out and to the kitchen table I went. I made a few tags last night while Dick was at a meeting. It was good to sit quietly and just cut, stamp and be creative.

It was a great laundry day too, while cold the wind was blowing very nicely and by late afternoon all the clothes were dry and ready to come in. Daisy’s blankets smelled soooo good! I have been thinking about the time coming very soon when I will pull the line up and put it away for the winter. I don’t hang clothes out then, hate to shovel my way to the line and the freezing fingers trying to get them up and back off the line. I have a couple of drying racks I set up in the cellar, hang them on hangers and use the shower rods. The added moisture in the air is welcome.

chicken penI didn’t manage to find the time to work on the coop like I had wanted to but did spend some time in the barn sorting through all the things that collect on the benches. Fly spray bottles, some empty some broken but parts still good. Cleaned it all up and managed to bring some of what will freeze up there to their resting place in the cellar. Knocked down more spider webs. Those spiders and busy still making large webs but I didn’t see the bone piles on the floor like I have all summer. That means the flies & mosquitoes have slowed down and found a good place to spend the winter too.

doorI brought down a handful of broken halters, lead lines and reins to look over and decide what can be replaced/repaired on them and the rest I will save the hardware off them for parts later on. Gave them all a good wash with a bit of bleach and set them out on a rock to dry. It’s an important job to do quite often, their safety and mine depend on reliable well maintained equipment.

While I was there I washed out and bleached their water buckets and tubs and spent some time playing with the cats. Had to have another talk with Mumma cat about leaving mice heads on the barn floor again:)

I started the grill to roast the peppers and the gas bottle was empty and I couldn’t get the thing apart to change the gas tank. So that didn’t get done. Might just have to roast them in the oven this time as it’s supposed to rain hard all weekend.

And I started cutting some fabric to make new curtains for Daisy’s bedroom. We decided to move her into the bedroom that I have been using for respite. While I’m in school and then working out of our home I won’t have time to do any of that care and I don’t forsee a full time client any time soon.

bath meltsLast night just before Dick got home I wrapped a batch of bath melts. These are mostly cocoa butter, palm oil, baking soda, sea salt, lavender and rosemary. They are very pretty to look at and my niece tells me from the size of the bars I cut she only had to use about 1/4 of the bar for her bath. She said the oils in there were wonderful and she really like the dried herbs. These will be in the Country Store in the next few days.

Lets see what I can cross off my list today. Hope you have a wonderful day.



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