Frost On The Pumpkins

and snow on top of Mt. Washington (In case you want to see it) the temp. there is 20 degrees with the wind chill bringing it down to 5 degrees. Every one around here knows that means we will have snow here in about 6 weeks….. lets see if it’s true this year.

Here this morning it’s a lovely 35 degrees when I got up at 5:30. The chickens were not amused one bit. They have never seen the cold or snow yet in their life. Sage and Joby were full of vinegar!


Hold on tight, were going for a ride!

Last weekend we (Dick) climed the poop pile and picked Daisy’s pumpkins she has been so carefully watching grow in her “pumpkin patch” all summer. There were 5 but one we tossed back, the back side of it was rotten. There are still several small ones not ripe yet. I hope to use those in baking. Daisy has plans to carve jack-o-lanters and “eat seeds” for her’s.

So considering there were 2 volunteer plants growing with no care at all, 4 rather large pumpkins isn’t bad. She is oh’ so happy and the ride in the bucket of the tractor was fun too. Good thing we weren’t that high off the ground I hate high!


Daisy watching Pupa climb the poop pile

Another very fun thing that happened this week is that just when I begin to think everyone I come in contact with is a mean-ninny, someone comes along and renews my faith that basicly people are good and caring.

There have been quite a few negative things happening to our family the past few months. But the worst one is having to deal with Daisy forced to visit with her biological mother whom she hasn’t seen in almost 2 years. This puts her Post Traumatic Stress into high gear and she doesn’t eat or sleep. All she can do is cry and hide in her blanket with her thumb in her mouth for a few days. We just rock and sing to her.

Anyway, this week was another visit for her and to get her to go I promised after we would stop and see if we could find Thomas The Train. In case you don’t know Thomas is her favorite thing in the world and any train is Thomas….So we stopped at the Winnipesaukee Railroad, in Meredith.


Ice cream, cookies and coloring on the train

My plan was to do what we always do and spend time walking around looking at the trains and playing. We were sitting on the bench waiting for the train to leave and the conductor came over and asked if Daisy was going on the train. I said no, we are just watching. He took her hand and said come on, you have 2 hours? So we went and everyone there was so nice to her, brought her ice cream, cookies, coloring book and crayons.

Come to find out a friend of our’s was working that day, and she took Daisy to the back of the train to their gift shop-gave her a back pack, train whistle, bandanna, conductors hat and a set of wooden trains for her train track.

We had the best time riding the train along the lake front. It renewed my belief that if you are good to people they will remember it and at some point it will be returned to you just when you need it most! Boy did Daisy need some caring/ loving energy just then. 🙂


A view from the train

You see for years when I worked part-time in our local country store every morning this woman and her husband would come into to store on their way to work. They are neighbors/friends and I would give them coffee and muffins every day. My boss at the time hated it and I’m surprised he never fired me over it. I would tell him to chill-out! A cup of coffee and a muffin made them happy to come back later in the day to buy their paper, gas, scratch tickets….And they did.

Daisy is better today and tomorrow will be even better for her. I don’t know what the plans are for this weekend. I had plans to attend a local craft fair but it is supposed to rain all weekend. That will put an end to that and my getting the garlic in the garden. Perhaps more baking for the freezer. Or a trip to find a new belt for my sewing machine.

Today I have plans to work on the chicken coop some more. Son #1 cut a few boards for me so I can extend the roof line across the back and put up some metal roofing left over from when we built the house. This will cover their perch on the back side and keep them dry and give them some more shade if they want to sit out there. It will also keep the snow back a bit this winter from their entrance into the coop. Boy that bob house is making a very nice coop for them. I’m rather pleased how it’s turning out and will like it even better once the siding is put on. The fun red and blue is cute but the building doesn’t match the others here. I am going to use some left over vinyl siding from when we build the house.

peppersYesterday I picked the last of the Anaheim peppers from the small garden bed by the house. 6.3 pounds total. I am going to roast them on the grill and put them into olive oil to use later on.

I started these from seed this spring and by the time I got them planted from all the rain they were rather leggy and sad looking. But I planted them anyway and am glad I did, they finally grew into very nice plants for a fall harvest instead of  mid summer.

That’s Daisy’s flag she moves all around they yard, I find it in different spots every day. Yesterday it was in the pepper bed…. It’s turned into a game of find the flag!

Have a wonderful day!



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