Planting Garlic


The view at the end of our road yesterday morning

It’s past that time and my bulbs are still sitting here in the kitchen! I like to plant mine as close to the Autumn Equinox as I can…missed that this year….

The beds are ready…About 6 weeks ago I pulled back the mulch from last year, added a good 6″ layer of compost, tossed it all together and added a fresh 8″ layer of hay and watered it all down…

This weekend I will pull the cloves apart and only plant the un-bruised, largest cloves. I carefully peel of the outer paper layer so i don’t bruise or damage the cloves and put them into a container of baking soda and liquid seaweed mixed with a bit of fresh water, then let them sit overnight or long enough to peel off any remaining skins.

Then take with me to the garden a container with rubbing alcohol in it. Drop the cloves in the container, dig my holes 2 inched deep and about 6 inches apart with the rows 6 inches apart. Once that is all done I will run string to mark the rows and recover with the hay mulch, give everything a good watering and call it all good. The cloves will start to grow and develope roots this fall then go dormant over the winter and start growing again in the spring to be harvested in the summer.

You may ask yourself why I peel and soak the cloves, baking soda will kill any fungi spores or the eggs of any pests that may be hiding in/on the cloves. The seaweed gives it a boost,  and the alcohol kills any pests or pests eggs the baking soda missed such as mites.

Both baking soda and alcohol are considered safe for organic gardening if you were wondering that.

fall 4

So there you have it, pretty simple. So why am I so late at getting this done I have no idea….I think it’s because the weather has been so nice after the lousy summer we just had I hate to give up play time with Daisy or the horses.

I plant a variety known as softneck garlic. I’m not a fussy garlic snob so the variety didn’t matter to me. Say that to the wrong garlic person and you are in for a lengthy conversation on garlic….I ordered it from Pinetree Gardens. They are a nice company out of Maine so I know their plants grow well in my area. I love their no fuss basic, thrifty packaging, shipping materials and web site.

Also planned for this weekend is to pull the last of the bush beans in the garden and set the seeds out to dry for baking later this winter. Add a good layer of compost the garden bed and a fresh layer of hay. Then it will be all tucked in for the winter. I had planned on trying a winter garden this year, but I’m just not up to it. Honestly don’t think I will take the time to shovel a path out there through the feet of snow and keep up on row covers/mulch. Maybe next year.


Someone thought just the red was good, wonder if it's like eating M&Ms just one color at a time?

Sometimes even though I have wonderful plans of all the things I know I should be

 doing its best to step back and reevaluate my goals and make a new to-do list. I’m headed back to school for a few short weeks and haven’t exactly figured out everyone’s new schedule or my own so things will continue to run while I’m away from home. Even a few hours of my absence affects the entire running of our home. Should it? probably not but it does.
Dick asked me the other day very serious, “Who is going to have my cold drink on the table when I get home at night, cook my supper, feed Daisy and get her to bed?” I chuckled to myself (actual thought in my head: geesh, Dick I can do that in my sleep) reassured him it would all work out. What he forgot about is how are the animals going to be fed and put away for the night, Daisy have her bath, bed time rocking and story reading. Make lunches for the next day, and bring the clothes in off the line before they get wet again. These are just off the top of my head…

The sweetie always thinking about his tummy!


Have a wonderful day.



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